Year 2 - Watch it grow

Bean Plants

In Year two 2 for Inquiry we have been learning about bean plants. We have been writing a bean diary for four weeks. We learned the cycle of how to grow a bean plant and how to look after it. First you put soil in the plant pot then you make a little hole and put the seed into the whole. Cover the hole with more soil then water it and give it sunlight and watch it grow. We made 4 beans. We put them in different areas. Bean 1 and 2 were near the window and had water and sunlight. Bean 3 was in the cupboard and it had water but no sunlight and bean 4 was also near the window. It had no water but it had sunlight. At the end we took the bean that was in the cupboard out and gave it sunlight and water and it grew from yellow to green and very tall. Bean 4 we gave it sunlight and water as well and all of them were green and tall and healthy. It was fun growing them.


By Kiara 2A


In Year two we do inquiry for our bean plants. We have been thinking what to write in our writing books. We have been looking at the plants so it can give us some ideas. Our plants 1, 2, 3 and 4 have given us so many ideas to write in our books. All of the grade 2’s want to learn more about plants.


By Neha 2B