Year Prep - Term one report

The Preps have had a fantastic start to the year and have settled well. It has been fantastic watching the Preps make new friends and learn all about school.

This term in Maths, the Prep students have been learning about numbers to 20 and 2D shapes. When we learnt about shapes, we made shape monsters and counted all the different shapes we had. We also used our bodies to make shapes and discussed how many sides’ shapes have and what they look like. We have also been learning about patterns and using a range of concrete and electronic materials.

In Literacy, we have been focusing on learning our letters of the alphabet and our Magic Words. Each week we focus on a new letter and word. We completed hands on activities that also link to our letter. Some of the activities we have made so far are Pigs (Pp), Slithering snakes and seals (Ss). With our iPads we have been using Sunshine Online to focus on each of the letters of the week and practice our Magic Words.

We have been working on our fine motor skills by practising cutting, making friendship bracelets, weaving, threading and concrete chalk drawings.