Fast Track

YEAR 7-9 Fast Track 

This term in Fast Track we’ve had many exciting experiences, learnt many great lessons, and many great life lessons. We had an amazing incursion with Warrick Giddey from Melbourne United. He introduced us to some new basketball drills, skills and gave us feedback on things we can do to improve our game. It was an amazing experience having him come in and we look forward to more sessions. Our focus for Fast Track this term has been Leadership. We have explored various aspects of leadership including what is a leader, what are the characteristics of a great leader, how I demonstrate leadership. We completed a leadership community program through the AFL where we listened to a seminar where Jason McCartney gave some insight into his life, his dedication and leadership, his personal challenges and how he accomplished things in his life through the use of goal setting. We completed many tasks to reflect and assess our own leadership. We were also give lots of opportunities to build and demonstrate our leadership skills. Our practical sessions were focused on us taking leadership of our learning as a group and as individuals. All students have been fantastic and displayed great team work as well. We’ve also had the opportunity to demonstrate leadership by working with our younger students. At the Athletics Carnival we helped the prep-Year 4 with their novelty events. Our aim was to be encouraging and supportive and we all did extremely well. We also helped run the Cross Country Carnival, we set up the course and helped with the event. All together the Fast Track students have done very well and had some awesome experiences this term, and we are looking forward to next term full of more opportunities and great experiences.

Maddison and Hunter