Primary Sport Report

What an exciting start to Primary Sport in Term 1!

This term we saw our 5/6 Sport program kick off. During the first five weeks, students that remained at school competed in competitive tournaments. These were in a sport of their choice from options including Hockey, Netball and Softball.

In the second half of this term, students got to experience all of the other sports they had not competed in; focusing on key skills. This development occurred through engaging small sided games and some were supported with coaching from local sports clubs such as La Trobe Baseball Club.

In interschool sport, we had teams play in a variety of sports including Cricket, Soccer and the recently added European Handball. All students conducted themselves in an excellent manner; displaying our values regularly to all members involved in the games. They all displayed a great desire to improve and continuously strive for competitive success. Well done to all students involved!

Our star performing team was the Girls Handball team who finished in 2nd place. Both our Boys and Girls soccer teams finished in 3rd place with the rest of our teams ending up in mid-table positions.

Thank you to all involved, especially our teachers, Naomi, Josh, Rob and Dave for training and developing the skills of our students in their sport.

Fantastic start to 2019!

Yr 7. Softball

On the 28th March the year 7 girls softball team played in the Whittlesea division competition. We arrived at the field early, were able to get in some practice, and watched the first game of the competition before our first game started. All of us had a great time and we really worked well as a team. Although we didn’t come away with a win, all of our games were close and the competition drew us closer together. We would like to thank Dani for coaching us and taking us out on the day. We are looking forward to playing again next year.

Malia 7B

Yr. 8 Volleyball

On February 21st, the year 8 Volleyball teams competed at Darebin Community Sports Centre in the Whittlesea division schools competition. In the weeks, leading up to the year 8 Volleyball competition, the girls and boys trained with Marc Heenan twice a week, including before school. On the day of the competition, we were all really pumped and excited and everyone showed great sportsmanship and teamwork. The girls finished the competition in second place and the boys finished just outside the top four. We all really enjoyed the day and the experience has brought us closer together as a group.

Bianca 8C

Year 9 Volleyball

Thursday the 21st of March is when the year 9 boys and girls teams competed. Before that, we had a number of training session that helped us develop teamwork, strategy and skill. The boy’s team worked on their spiking and the girls worked to perfect their three passes in order to gain an extra advantage against some of the larger bodied players. Both teams had success in winning games and although neither team finished in the top three, both teams played really well. Throughout the competition, everyone worked well as part of the team, encouraging one another and giving each other the confidence to push through.

Jayde  9D