Early Years Art

This term in Visual Arts, Year 3s have responded to the works of famous Aboriginal Artist Rosemary Petyarre, well known for sharing her stories of local bush tucker, medicinal plants and native fauna.

Firstly, students closely observed leaves from their natural environment.  After this they used various acrylic paint blending techniques to mix colours together to make the tones they observed.  We then looked at images of ‘The bush floor’ and created this as our background, again using acrylic paint as well as various tools produce texture.


We then learnt about various drawing techniques like a ‘contour drawing’ where students are challenged to only look at the leaf and simply draw the outline without taking their pencil off the page.  We also looked at ‘observational drawings’ where students observed the leaf closely.  Students also drew a leaf from memory and lastly traced around it.  They chose their favourite and created a leaf stencil.


Students used this stencil to create many leaves from our previous ‘painted papers’ and made our own artistic decisions on how to arrange the leaves on the page.

The final step was to choose if they wanted to create ‘emphasis’ by using an Aboriginal painting technique of ‘dots’. 


Some amazing collage pieces were created as well as gaining knowledge about Aboriginal artists, culture and techniques. 


Bush Medicine Recount

This term in Art we have been learning about Rosemary Petarre’s paintings, by looking at her paintings and doing our own.  We got pieces of paper and did free style paint blending strokes and we painted a background with different colours and we made texture with steel wool.   We have been painting those freestyle and blending sheets because we are cutting leaves out of the paper using a stencil that we made.  We were putting the leaves in different ways like a star or waves. 

Adriana 3B