This year in Humanities and Inquiry we are learning about Economic Theory and how to be an entrepreneurs. We have started a program called $20 Boss. $20 Boss is a nationwide entrepreneurship program for primary and secondary school students. Students are provided $20 of start-up money to create, launch, and operate a business which runs for four weeks. Our businesses have to help the Earth or people in some way to make our school community a better place. My groups business is selling handmade scrunchies out of recycled clothes and materials as well as other hair accessories such as bows, hair clips, hair donuts, and hair extensions.


Our mission is to make students in our school feel good about themselves. We have made a profit of over $310 in just four days and all of our profits are going to the Kids with Cancer Foundation.

Before I began this project I may have spent 20 dollars on a trip to the movies or an App for my Ipad. Now I see what 20 dollars can achieve and how it can create a better world and help others. People prefer to buy products that serve a purpose and now I know I could   become a successful entrepreneur one day.

Adrian and the L.A Scrunchies team


This term in Humanities we have been learning about supply and demand of goods and services in our community and as part of our year 8 Inquiry project $20 Boss. Each student is given a $20 note, then they are required to start up a business in a small group.


The business we chose is called “Terrific Tie-dye & Co”. The items we will be selling are T-shirts, Bandanas and Socks. As a group we had $120 to start with. The profit we make will be donated to Beyond Blue foundation to help prevent suicide among Australians. While taking part in this project we have certainly changed the way we think about money. During this project we have learnt many things, the most important thing we have learnt is that money is very critical and that you have to work hard for it.


As a group we also learnt that it isn’t easy starting up a business with limited resources and a tight budget. In the past everyone in the group would have spent $20 easily on clothes, shoes or junk food.

Now we will definitely consider spending our money on things that are more useful and to make a better world. This project has shown us that you can make a large profit if you work hard. As a group we decided that starting up your own business means you can peruse your passion, learn new skills from your work colleagues and change the world.



For Humanities and Inquiry we have been studying Economic theory and what it means to be an entrepreneur. My teams business is selling showbags, it is one of a kind at the Lakes P-9 School, and has made over $400 in profit over a few days. Our showbags allow the students of our school to have the opportunity to buy something that can brighten up their day and also for students that don’t go to the Melbourne Show.


In the past I would have wasted $20 on something that wasn’t very important, like a bag but after participating in this project it has given me a different view on the value of $20. $20 can make a huge difference in ways I would have never known if I hadn’t had this opportunity. $20 could save a life or help the planet. It can change the world if used thoughtfully and creatively.

All proceeds will go to the registered charitable entity to help protect underprivileged children from harm, access quality education and health services.


This entrepreneur program has definitely changed the way I think about money and has encouraged me to follow my dreams because it proves that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.