Year 7 SOMA CUBE Project

When making blocks that form part of the SOMA cube, I enjoyed creating my name out of interlocking cubes. I’m looking forward to being able to 3D print my blocks. I’ve learnt how to use the OnShape application from making a cube.

Mia 7B


I have enjoyed the creativity of the SOMA cube project. I enjoyed using OnShape to make the blocks digitally. I have learnt how to use the OnShape program to create cubes and connect the cubes to form different blocks. I am looking forward to 3D printing the shapes and assembling the pieces of the puzzle.

Latrelle 7C


During the SOMA cube project, I have really enjoyed using all the different techniques for making 3D shapes. It was really enjoyable to understand how OnShape works and collaborating with my peers to solve any issues. I am looking forward to using the 3D printer to create my blocks and see how I worked through it to end up looking realistic. I have really enjoyed this experience of learning about the SOMA cube, and I can’t wait to see how my final project will turn out.

Sara  7D


During the time we’ve spent on the SOMA cube project we have, unpacked the key question, drawn cubes on isometric dot paper, drawn our name out of cubes and made the special blocks that are part of the SOMA cube in an app called OnShape. I enjoyed writing my name in cubes and creating the blocks on OnShape. I’ve learnt how to draw cubes accurately and how to create cubes on OnShape. I’m look forward to constructing the final puzzle and also I’m looking forward to printing my cubes on the 3D printer.

Eliza 7B


During the process of the SOMA cube project I’ve have enjoyed trying a variety of shape combinations with three or four cubes forming a right angle. I learnt how to use the app OnShape to construct shapes digitally, which helped improve my understanding of 3D designing and making a SOMA cube in general. I am really looking forward to 3D printing my blocks and to physically visualising what I have built and holding my master piece.

Abbey Z 7D

SOMA Images