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Respectful Relationships

Where did this program come from?

The Royal Commission into Family Violence identified the critical role that schools and early childhood education have in creating a culture of respect to change the story of family violence for future generations.


Respectful Relationships isn't just a wellbeing program. It's about developing a whole school approach whereby respectful relationships underpin everything we do, teach and learn. As stated by Rose Batty, the CEO of the Luke Batty Foundation, "it's not about the teacher teaching it, it's actually a whole school modelling it".

This video is fantastic - it sums up Respectful Relationships and shows just how important it is in creating a safe environment free from gender violence. 


Here is an update of the topics and units that each Learning Community is currently exploring:

Year Prep -  Drawing emotions

Year 1/2 - We all have choices; working out ways to respond

Year 3/4 - What is stress? and Calming and coping

Year 5/6 -  Where do we feel stress? What is our optimal amount of stress for performing?

Year 1/2 Follow Up

Following up on the wonderful work being done in Wellbeing in the Year 1/2 Community, here is a video of some of the students playing silent ball, sharing a time when they remember showing kindness. 

Year Prep Update

We have been learning about how to be a safe friend. We looked at ways to be a safe friend and what it looks like to be an unsafe friend. This chart has been helping us to learn the difference.

We also came up with a terrific song about ways we can control our anger. Here is our song. We hope you enjoy it.


"When given the choice between being right and being kind - choose kind" - WONDER


Miss Melanie Larkin

Student Wellbeing Leader