Wellbeing at MPS

Supporting one another 

We all know that being vigilant with good hygiene and social distancing where possible are things that we can do to protect our families and those around us, but it is just as important to take care of our mental and emotional wellbeing at times like these. For our children, seeing empty supermarket shelves and hearing constant updates about threats to public health can be really confusing and concerning. This week I have included some links to articles that you may find useful when talking to your children about coronavirus. 


These can be trying times for families with increasing uncertainty and disruption to our everyday lives. It has been uplifting to hear stories of kindness and compassion with many people in our community supporting the friends, family and the elderly who may be experiencing greater challenges at this time. 


Take care of yourselves as parents. Try to switch off from the constant bombardment of updates on social media and the news and get outside with your children. Look for the people who are doing good in the world rather than focusing on some of the more erratic behaviours. Maintain some form of normalcy and routine in your lives, particularly for children who may be missing out on their usual sports and club meetings. Lean on others for support - there is always someone ready to help!


Talking to your child about coronavirus:





Rebekah Rentos

Assistant Principal