Students of the week

Term 1   

Week 8

Foundation A

Samuel L - For your cheery good mornings each day. You come in and show your brilliant attitude to learning! You also have wonderful manners and set a great example for your classmates!

Hudson S - For your brilliant attitude to learning. You always have a go and love try your best! Your aren’t afraid of making a mistake and you always love to help your classmates and teacher! What a champion you are!


Foundation B

Charlie B - Charlie, congratulations on a fantastic start to Foundation! I love how you always give things a go and answer Foundation B’s questions. You put your best foot forward everyday and show kindness to everyone in our classroom. Thank you for being amazing!


Foundation C

Xanthe F - You have had an amazing start to the year Xanthe, showing all the school values every day. I love how you join in, do your best, listen, follow instructions and are making new friends! Keep it up superstar!!



Lionel S - For the incredible work you did during reading and writing while learning all about adjectives. You used the 5 senses to assists you with your ‘popcorn adjective’ activity, which really made your writing ‘POP!’ Keep it up superstar!



Amelie S - Amelie has consistently demonstrated that she is a wonderful learner and a respectful member of 1B. She always models positive classroom behaviours and encourages other to do the same. Amelie works well in collaborative tasks and enthusiastically shares her ideas in class discussions. Keep up the amazing work Amelie!

Ryan M -  Ryan consistently demonstrates all of the school values and is a wonderful role model in our class! He challenges himself in his learning and confidently shares his knowledge and ideas. Ryan is always respectful and kind to everyone around him. Keep up the amazing work Ryan! You’re a star!



Eva C - For your creative and inspiring narrative about the ‘Mysterious Bag.’ Your ideas and thoughts are amazing! Well Done Eva!



Kaylee W - For an amazing start to Grade 2. You are an absolute delight to have in the classroom. Thank you for being a kind, gentle and friendly class member. Your consistent effort and positive attitude towards your learning enables you to achieve excellent work in all learning areas. You are simply delightful Kaylee!!



Yve E - You are a superstar both inside and outside the classroom, always displaying all the school values. Your dedication to putting your best effort into all classwork is something to be very proud of. You are a great role model to have in 2B. Keep up the excellent work Yve!



Charlie M - Well done Charlie on being so enthusiastic with your learning in Grade 2 this term. The effort you put into learning your M300 spelling words each week is inspiring and your hard work is certainly paying off. You always try your hardest to succeed in everything you do and it is a joy to teach you every day. Keep being amazing!



Alana M - For the incredible resilience you have shown following your monkey bar accident. You returned to school ready to learn and willing to try your best, even if only one-handed! Well done on not letting your arm (which was broken in not one, not two, but THREE places!) hold you back on any task or experience. You’re a superstar, Alana!



Dashiell A - Congratulations Dash on the fantastic progress you have made already this year. The resilience you are showing is admirable and I am so proud of your ability to bounce back when things don’t go exactly how you’d like. Keep it up, superstar!



Sebastian T - Seb has started the year with a bang, constantly trying his very best in everything he does. He is an extremely hard working and driven learner who is always up for a challenge weather it be reading, writing or maths. You're a star!



Tahlia S -  Tahlia is a student who looks to get the best out of her time at school. She looks critically at her work to set goals, she looks to develop meaningful relationships with her classmates and looks to care for the shared space of the classroom. These traits will ensure your success at school Tahlia. Keep up the great work!



Megan M - Well done Megan on your planned, focused and enthusiastic approach to your writing sessions! You are working really hard and looking for ways to improve your drafts. Keep it up superstar!



Tex A - What can I say about Tex? The words kind, fair and legendary spring to mind! Tex always cares for his fellow Monty villagers and approaches his schooling with a fair and respectful attitude. Don't go changing Tex, we are all better for having your awesome attitude in our school. keep it up buddy.



Alexander P - Alex has come to school this week with a positive mindset and tried hard in his reading, writing and maths. He has shown a willingness to learn and to engage in class discussions. Awesome job Alex!



Jenson G - Congratulations Jenson on your wonderful efforts in the music room this year so far. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch you gain confidence and try your hardest to master all the new rhythms we've been learning. It was so exciting to see you volunteer with enthusiasm to perform in front of your peers last week. So much growth, so great to see. Keep it up, Jenson! I love getting to know this side of you.



Madeleine K - For her wornderful participation and concentraton in Japanese class. She is achieving an excellent work on the listening task about 'Feeling words'. Well done, Maddy!