Garden with Claire


Autumn is the perfect time to get jobs done in the garden. This includes focusing on the health of our soil especially after our hungry summer crops have gobbled up the nutrients needed to bring us delicious fruit and veggies. 


Composting was our focus in F - 2 Gardening last week as it is an environmentally friendly way to make your own nutritious soil. We learned about the importance of decomposers like worms, microbes and fungi, and how to make healthy compost with ‘green’ and ‘brown’ layers. We had a great time making our own mini compost in a jar and added worms to help break down all of the layers into rich and nutritious soil.



Clean Up Monty Day


On Wednesday the 18th of March The Environment Captains held Clean Up Monty Day where we banded together to clear our school of rubbish. We had a great turn out and with tongs in hand and gloves on, we got to work. We travelled around the school and tackled all the hidden corners where trash likes to linger. Although we had a great time, we would rather there was no litter at all. To help reduce the litter in our school yard, we urge you to bring as few wrappers as you can to school and always put your rubbish in the correct bin.