Gifted, Talented and Enrichment Program 2020

Mazenod College recognizes that the gifts and talents of our students take many forms; in the sciences, humanities and the arts. It is essential to nurture and encourage the enthusiasm and creativity of our students for them to reach their full potential. In 2020, we are offering many new and exciting programs, conferences and competitions to become involved in.


In March, the Australian Brain Bee Challenge begins, which is a competition for high school students in year 10 to learn about the brain and its functions. It is designed for students to deepen their understanding about neuroscience research, find out about careers in neuroscience and to dispel misconceptions about neurological and mental illnesses.


April is a busy month and we are excited to offer a wonderful new opportunity in the Academy Conference 2020.  This one day program of lectures from Oxford Scholars is designed to engage gifted students in philosophical and ethical issues about the ‘Big Ideas” challenging society today.  Mazenod will also be competing in our second Ethics Olympiad and are starting a Philosophy Club for those who are interested in engaging in lively debate and deep thinking. For our ‘renaissance men’, gifted in the arts and sciences, we will again be competing in the da Vinci Decathlon and the Have Sum Fun Mathematics Competition.



In 2019, we started the Robotics club on Fridays in the Library and budding IT specialists are welcome. In Second Semester, there is the BHP Future ready challenge. This is a Stem Project involving science and design and technology and we are on the lookout during the year for students that have an interesting project that could be developed and entered into the challenge.


The Mazenod Sustainability Group offers students who have a passion for sustainability and our planet the opportunity to become leaders in our journey to becoming a waste wise school. They will be drivers for change and champions for sustainable measures in our community. 


We are excited about these new opportunities and encourage students with a passion for learning to participate. 


Susanne Biffin

Gifted and Talented Coordinator