From the Deputies

Visitors to the College

In keeping with legal responsibilities and requirements, parents are required to report to the College Administration when visiting the College grounds during school hours.  Any forgotten items (lunches, uniforms, etc) also need to be handed in here and the student will be given a message to collect his things.  Visitors who need to enter further into the grounds, need to be signed in at Administration and issued with a Visitor’s Pass, and then signed out again when leaving. Parents are asked not to go to the locker areas during school hours.


Jeff Ronan

Deputy Principal (Administration and Year 7-9 Student Welfare)

C0-curricular Booklet

The 2020 co-curricular booklet has been published on the College website here. The booklet can also be found on iGloo, the parent portal, and it has been emailed to all students.


All students are encouraged to look through the booklet to identify activities that might appeal to them.  It is important for students to get involved in the College community so as to develop a sense of belonging which at the same time will contribute to their own well-being.


Jeff Ronan

Deputy Principal (Administration and Year 7-9 Student Welfare)

Year 8 and 9 Elective Information

Please note that students’ course information that was showing on the portal has now been corrected. I apologise for any confusion this has caused. The portal only shows elective units that are being taken this semester.


Please note that where students are taking a 2-unit course , Unit 1 will be taken (and reported on) this semester, and Unit 2 will be taken and reported on in Semester 2. For example a student taking Woodwork (2 unit Course) will have Woodwork (Unit 1) on his timetable this semester and Woodwork (Unit 2) will be on his timetable next semester.


Students have until Friday 14 February to make any changes to their Semester 1 electives. Please contact me for any clarification


Peter Douthie