From the Principal

A warm welcome to you all for the 2020 school year and every blessing for a wonderful year.  Already, there seems to have been so much begun in just the 4-5 days of the term. A special welcome to the parents and families who have joined the Mazenod community. The College Newsletter is produced weekly and is an important source of information and link to the events and news of Mazenod. Our students have begun 2020 with a great sense of energy, enthusiasm and care for one another. Every year we focus on one of our Core Value sets. Over the past three years we have explored and celebrated Respect and Dignity, Courage and Passion and Compassion and Charity. This year’s theme is Excellence. Through our programs, events, assemblies and interactions we will work with our students to fully understand and embrace the value of Excellence. In my time as Principal of Mazenod, I have always said to our young men that personal excellence is what we aspire to and we can work towards it by regularly gauging our effort and achievement against the statement ‘My personal best is always good enough’.




Year 12 Retreat and Year 7 First Days

For Year 7 and Year 12 the first day of school was last Monday. Each group had its own special focus to assist in the foundation for a good start to the year. For Year 12 it was a mixture of a mini-retreat and then time spent with Year 7. Congratulations to the Year 12 young men who showed great care and brotherhood to the Year 7 students. I know our youngest boys felt very special to start their Mazenod Journey alongside the senior students of the College. They, in turn, will feature prominently in the farewell event for Year 12 at the end of the year. As I write this edition of the Newsletter, the Year 7 students are involved with their Year 11 Peer Leaders, enjoying games and interactions that continue to build their confidence and sense of belonging to our school.


Boarding Events

For those new to Mazenod, our uniqueness as a boys’ school partly comes from our commitment to Boarding. The Cebula Boarding community is central to Mazenod and we were so pleased to see boarders and boarding families at our welcome events early in the week. The new Year 7-8 boarders had their sleep-over on Sunday night with their dads while the mums enjoyed the night off at a dinner with Mazenod staff. On Monday afternoon, we were pleased to welcome all families at our opening event for the year. So many parents took the opportunity to walk through the newly renovated Dining Room and they were pleased with its fresh and vibrant look. Thank you to Scholarest, Mr Eric Paini, Mr Tom Floyd and Mr Barry Cornwell for their work in bringing to fruition this project. Today, the new Boarders and Senior Boarder leaders head to Rottnest for their weekend camp.


Opening Assembly- 2019 High Achievers and 2020 Scholarship Awards

We gathered last Wednesday to celebrate the High Achievers of the Class of 2019 and recognise excellence in the awarding of scholarships for 2020. Our guests were Mr Neville Collard, who welcomed us to country, and Old Boy Mr Liam Staltari (12), Vice-Captain of the College 2012, High Achiever from that year and Vice President of the Mazenod Old Boys Association. Many Old Boys from the Class of 2019 were also able to join us for the Mass and breakfast before assembly.


College Annual 2019

The 2019 Annual has been distributed to all families from 2019 via the students. It is a great publication chronicling our students, families, staff and Old Boys. Congratulations to Mr Chris Richards-Scully for the publication and thank you to all who contributed to the stories in the annual. The Class of 2019 began collecting their copies on Wednesday and other 2019 graduates can secure their copy by visiting Student Reception at any time.  


College Opening Mass


On Wednesday, 12 February at 9:00am we will celebrate our Opening Mass. This is a key event in our school calendar and we invite parents and families to attend. A special invite has been extended to the families of the Prefects, Captains and Year 12 Seniors. These students will be blessed in their most important roles of leading the College in 2020. This is an important moment in the Mazenod Journey for these young men and it would be heartening to see as much support as we can from families. The Mazenod Parent Association (formerly Parents & Friends) will provide morning tea after the Mass. Please RSVP via information in the Newsletter under the Faith and Mission section, the letter to Year 12 parents or Facebook post so that we can cater well for the occasion.


Mazenod School TV

There is a great library of resources for you to access in our School TV site located on the web site. The two most recent releases speak about starting the school year, especially for Year 7 and 12 parents. To view these articles please click here:

I was also reading a post from Generation Next, written by clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller. It is a quick and easy read that would be a great touchstone for parents to talk with their boys about setting themselves up for a great and balanced year. 13 Tips to Set Yourself Up for a Great Year


Upcoming Morning Tour


Tuesday 3 March 2020 at 9:30 am

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“Make the best of all that is given to you.” – St Eugene De Mazenod


Enjoy the week ahead.


Andrew Watson