Technology News


Our Prep students have been keeping busy with a range of technology activities. Using Scratch Jr., students have been exploring their creativity and problem-solving skills to make their own interactive stories and games. They have also been learning the art of origami, creating their own cute and colorful animal designs. Lastly, the students have been using our custom-built app 'Snapper' to document their work and take their own photos, promoting ownership of their progress and learning.



Grade 1/2

Our Grade 1/2 students have been working hard on their projects, designing and making small wooden items called 'Pocket Surprises'. After weeks of designing and building, the students have now reached the final stages of the project, adding finishing touches such as ribbons and other small details to complete their creations. I'm thrilled to see so many of these wonderful projects now completed and going home with the students.

Grade 3/4

Our Grade 3/4 students have been taking their creativity and woodworking skills to the next level with the help of our Nibblers. Students have been designing and making all sorts of creations, pushing the boundaries of their imagination and technical ability. In addition to woodworking, the students have also been developing their skills in VR, with many now proficient in using the Kartoffl game. The last of the 3/4 students are set to complete their VR experience next week.


Grade 5/6


Our Grade 5/6 students are in the final stages of their exciting video project, where they have been producing short videos on counting for our Prep students. With filming now complete, the students are using ShotCut - a popular video editing software - to clip, sequence, and add special effects to their videos. Through this process, the students are learning important technical skills that are essential for video production and editing. Once the videos are complete, they will be reviewed and approved by our teachers before being sent up to the Boorai for our Prep students to view.