Art Room News

Creativity takes courage. Henri Matisse

Hello RHPS Artists,


The hall ways are officially full of magnificent artwork! I love watching students stop and chat about the artwork. It is very humbling to see them take such an insightful look at others success.



Our Prep Artists have been completing their line monsters and doing a fabulous job mixing and experimenting with primary colours. The care and thought put into their colour mixing was fantastic. Next week we will take inspiration from a range of Dreamtime stories to create a beautiful koala art piece.


This week the Grade 1/2s painted 125 papier mache birds! They took their time and carefully painted these wonderful forms. Next we need to add features such as feathers, beaks, eyes and feet. After they are complete we shall paint our nests and hopefully make some eggs to put in them.


The Grade 3/4 Artists have begun a second piece of artwork for the term based on the Tjanpi Desert Weaver Community. This Indigenous community creates amazing woven pieces of artwork and we are taking inspiration from their art to create a woven animal of choice. We have already made the armatures and are moving into the threads and wool stage. The persistence and concentration is brilliant. 



The Grade 5/6 Artists have moved onto their next piece of artwork which is inspired by Indigenous Artist, Melanie Hava. They spent last week testing a range of watercolour techniques and will choose their favourite to create their backgrounds before moving onto some very detailed animal art.


Lilydale & Yarra Valley Show Poster Competition

2022 Entry
2022 Entry
2022 Winners
2022 Entry
2022 Entry
2022 Winners


Usually the Lilydale and Yarra Valley Show Poster Competition doesn’t come around until September….BUT the organiser's have bumped up the date to allow for more time to advertise the winning poster.



It means that posters are now due by Friday the 12th of July, which gives you heaps of time to create an amazing poster.

As usual, the competition is open to all ages and you MUST follow the guidelines or your poster cannot be chosen as a winner. 


READ the GUIDELINES very carefully. As always, I can give you the A3 paper to do your poster on and I will deliver all posters to the judges for you. 

I will have guidelines in the art room to hand out to any interested students.

I will also send timely reminders as the due date gets closer.

ALL posters will need to be handed to me (Mrs. Granger by the 12th of July)


So, if you are keen, get thinking, get planning and make a wonderful poster that will CATCH everyone’s attention!!!!!!


Have a great week!


Keep Creating,

Mrs. Granger