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Nadia Infirri

Nadia's new song

Nadia Infirri (pictured singing, above left) recently released her newest song, Lavender Powder, which can be heard on:


YouTube (music video):




Apple Music:


Other streaming platforms (Deezer, iHeartRadio, YouTube Music etc.):


Nadia explains her inspiration:

I started writing this song at four in the morning at start of April, around four months ago. This song is a bit different to my other songs as I got a second opinion from the one and only, Mr Di Labio. He helped mix and re-record vocals in the Xanten Performing Arts Centre after school. This song was written to get my emotions out about the struggles of letting go of someone I loved and even though I don't feel for this person anymore, it helped me express myself at the time. I hope people give it a listen because it's a completely new change in my music, especially production-wise.


Congratulations Nadia!

Mr C Beins

(Director of Music)


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