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Performing Arts Festival 

The Performing Arts Festival has continued over the last few weeks with our solo and duet guitarists, drummers, woodwinds, brass taking the stage and representing the College in various venues around Perth. In particular, congratulations to the following students who have been recognised as high achievers for their performances:

  • Chhavi Chavan – Merit (Vocal Solo)
  • Kira Willis – Merit (Vocal Solo)
  • Cheyenne Lin – Merit (Vocal Solo)
  • Samuel Bell – Merit (Classical Guitar Solo)
  • Elijah Edmonds – Merit (Classical Guitar Solo)
  • Chelsea Inocencio & Shelna Sony – Merit (Classical Guitar Duet)
  • Blake Webb – Merit (Percussion Solo)
  • Brodie Christie – Excellence (Vocal Solo)
  • Darcy Eyre – Excellence (Vocal Solo)
  • Isabella Giuffre – Outstanding (Vocal Solo)
  • Mary Carter – Outstanding (Vocal Solo)
  • Aeldric Varilla – Outstanding (Vocal Solo)
  • Brodie Christie & Mary Carter – Outstanding (Vocal Duet)

Congratulations again to all students for your time and dedication to the Performing Arts.


This evening, the Junior Dance Team, Senior Dance Team and Canons Hip Hop Crew will be performing at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre with the show commencing at 6:30pm. Tickets can still be purchased through Ticketek at if you haven’t already booked yours! 


The College Chorale and Vocal Ensemble will be performing on Monday, 29 September at Trinity College. There has been a further release of tickets for Monday, 29 August, Secondary Choral Singing E1 & E2 but you will need to be quick!  


Mr C Beins

(Head of Learning Area - The Arts

Director of Music)