From the Office

Facilities Report:


The countdown is on for another busy upcoming holiday period. During the term 2 break we hope to replace the hall upper roof, lay carpet in the VCE study centre and several adjoining rooms, paint the rooms and replace table tops. Recently we had a small but successful working bee and many thanks to the committee members for coming along and assisting. Last week, two audits were conducted to check on both the College’s Essential Services and the condition of buildings. Pleasingly, the Essential Services audit, that covers a range of vital safety measures including fire extinguishers and hydrants was very positive.


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

Congratulations to Michael Phillips, OAM Recipient

On behalf of College Council and the entire school community, I would like to give our warmest congratulations to our College Principal, Michael Phillips, on his recent inclusion in the Queen's Birthday Honours List for 2018, as a recipient of the Order of Australia Medal. This prestigious award is given to Michael for his outstanding service to secondary education and in September he will receive his OAM at the investiture ceremony at Government House. With 21 years of service as Principal of RSC and with memberships and contributions across the Education Sector, Michael is a most deserving recipient and we share in his pride and joy at this appointment. 


This achievement reminds us that exceptional service can and does get noticed and that the teaching profession produces people, like our College Principal, who love what they do and who make a difference in our school communities. Teaching students and leading a school community, informs, affects, guides and influences others in positive and far reaching ways and it is wonderful to see Michael's dedication and passion acknowledged with this OAM. Michael's extensive experience, knowledge and skill, and his collaborative and forward thinking approach add enormous value to our College and all of us in the RSC community are the beneficiaries of his style of leadership.


Michael, we are thrilled for you at the announcement of your OAM and once again, CONGRATULATIONS from the students, staff, parents and College Council at RSC. 



Sharon Rogers

College Council President

From School Council

It has been quite a diverse week for School Council this week.


It began with the unique opportunity to entertain James Merlino, the Minister for Education. He went on a tour of our new junior school building, led by two of our star Year 7 students, Chloe Biggs and Noah Philp. The Minister expressed how impressed he was with our new space. He commented highly on what the school was able to achieve along with all the great things he witnessed on the day. 


Our midweek council meeting saw lots of robust conversations being held around new policies and the exciting news of what the next stage of development may look like.


The school is at the stage of engaging with architects, with the view of beginning the next stage of our building projects as soon as possible.


There was also discussion around the new Facebook page and looking to make a bigger footprint in our social media profile. 


Further to this was discussion about the new roof that will be going on the hall, along with some new LED lighting for our gym and servicing of the gym equipment.


The week concluded with some of the council members responding to an invite to the Respectful Relationships launch of the colleges inspiring Women collage of paintings, which was unveiled in the Library.  This was a great night celebrating women’s achievements in all different facets of life, as well as a wonderful opportunity to connect with staff. 


Other celebrations of the week included the installation of the school virtue pillars, which are located just outside the new Junior school building.


Adam Bryant 

College Council Member

RSC Work Futures EXPO 2019 

In the previous article on the Work Futures EXPO 2019, the term Job Clusters was introduced.  It seems appropriate now to explain briefly, what employment skills these job clusters require.  Each cluster has general job specifications for the work identified within the cluster.  This summary is brief, showing the skills range within the clusters.  See contact details at end for details on the Foundation for Young Australians documents.


The Generators-  

require a high level of interpersonal interaction in retail, sales, hospitality and entertainment. 

Examples: sales reps; retail supervisors; café, bank and hotel managers; interpreters and airline ground crew.


The Artisans-  

require manual skills related to construction, production, maintenance or technical customer service.  

Examples: machinery operators, landscape gardeners, electricians, farm workers, plumbers and carpenters.


The Carers-  

work to improve the physical and mental health, or well-being of others, including medical and care and personal support services. 

Examples: doctors, nurses, social and childcare workers, fitness instructors, counsellors and beauty therapists.


The Coordinators- 

involves repetitive admin and behind-the-scenes (back of house) process and service tasks.  Examples: bookkeepers, printers, fast-food cooks, bus drivers, furniture removalists, law clerks, receptionists and car park attendants.


The Designers-  

will be deploying skills and knowledge of science, mathematics and design to construct or engineer products or buildings.  

Example: architects, electrical and industrial engineers, clothing pattern makers, food technologists, building inspectors, product testers, geologists and draftspersons.


The Informers- 

involves professionals providing information, education or business services.

Examples: primary and secondary school teachers, economists, intelligence officers, accountants, policy analysts, solicitors, organisational psychologists, museum curators and HR advisers.


The Technologists- 

require skilled understanding and manipulation of digital technology.                      Examples: programmers, software engineers, database administrators, web designers and ICT business analysts.


This is just an outline of the skill sets required for each range of jobs, giving examples of where jobs fit in.

For further details contact the school or the convenor, Barry Ring, at


Barry Ring

RSC Heritage and Alumni Group

Lost Property

There are many school jackets without names and other lost items including watches and Fitbits

In Lost Property.

There will be a clean out of all unclaimed items at the end of term. (Donated to wellbeing/charity).

Lost Property is open before and after school and at Recess (NOT lunch time).

Please check all clothing and personal items are clearly named.


Named items are always returned to students via email notifications to collect or Duty Students.


Suzanne Hill

Ringwood Training Open Night

Come along and see what we have to offer.


2018 'The Addams Family' Tickets

A reminder to make sure you purchase your tickets for The Addams Family Senior Production for 2018 via



You won't want to miss out!


Karl McNamara

Director of Performing Arts



Start Date Semester 2:  Thursday 26th July (week 2)


This Group is for any student in years 7 -10

Day: Thursday afternoons  (Except School Holidays and Public Holidays)

Room: 209

Time: 3.15-4.15PM   (snack provided)

Cost: $100.00  (Term 3 and Term 4)

Participating students receive assistance from selected Senior School students in areas including individual subjects, time management & organisation skills.


Please find attached information. If you are interested in your child attending, please complete the attached consent/payment form and return together with payment to the Office.

Forms are also available from the Administration Office.


If you have any further questions, please email Eddie D'Alfonso: ed'

Greatest Shave Event


Hey Everyone!

This coming Thursday the 28th of June some very brave students, led by Brodie Challis, have decided to shave their hair off in honor of the World’s Greatest Shave. This in order to raise some funds to help the Leukemia Foundation to continue its fight against cancer.


What you need to know about the day

On the day students have been permitted to wear hats or have crazy hair! We ask that students taking part in wearing head accessories or having crazy hair bring a gold coin donation in order to help our fundraising efforts.


Heads will be shaved on the Quadrangle at lunch and if anyone else wishes to partake and shave their head please email our Chaplains Adam Bryant or Gail Ackroyd to get a permission form. Forms will be needed to be signed and handed back to Adam or Gail before the 27th of June in order to participate.


Also on the day we will be selling some baked goods for purchase and funds will go towards the Leukemia Foundation.


We hope as much of the school as possible can get involved in the day! Let’s help shave Australia!


Lachlan Griffith - Chaplaincy prefect

and the Social Justice Team.


Direct line for attendance messages 24 hours a day - 9845 7519


Parents should notify the school for any of the following reasons:


  • Late to school  a note where possible will avoid an unapproved absence being recorded
  • Illness  please advise if you think the absence will be longer than normal
  • Holidays at least 2 weeks before the start of the holiday
  • Family reasons please enter a reason and contact the school if assistance is required

For any other reason where the student is not attending school on a regular basis



The school does encourage parents/ guardians to regularly view their child’s attendance on Compass and if appropriate enter absences or approve absences themselves online, keeping in mind that the school will need to know in some circumstances if the absence is likely to have an impact on  a student’s education and learning either in the short or long term.


This is particularly important for students doing VCE as they must maintain an attendance percentage of at least 90% across all subjects.


For your information I have included below the Department’s policy which outlines the requirements in relation to student attendance:


Students are expected to attend normal school hours every day of each term. An exemption should be sought if the attendance expectation is reduced for a particular child. A principal or regional director (depending on the circumstances) authorise an exemption and provide written approval for student attendance to be exempt or reduced to less than full time.

For absences where there is no exemption in place, the parent/guardian should provide an explanation on each occasion and the school will determine if the explanation provided is a reasonable excuse for the purposes of the parent meeting their responsibilities under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006.


Kay Priestly


From the Chaplain


This is the Greatest Show … World Cup Soccer is here. I love big sporting events but some of the ‘acting’ that seems to happen in the midst of soccer, even though it makes for a great vine, can be a bit much to handle sometimes. It pushes my justice buttons. Justice in sport is definitely a point of passion for me and sometimes my response is not exactly the right one but a bigger question how do I go with my reactions to seemingly unjust things in real life? 


When someone pushes in on my driving down the highway or my child talks back to me, how do I respond?  Do I respond with anger or do I respond with patience, giving the benefit of the doubt, showing empathy.  Maybe they pushed in because they needed to turn soon? Maybe our child is talking back because they have had a bad day?  Often our reactions can be to protect ourselves from something or someone emotional but what are we protecting ourselves from?  Can we be the better person in these circumstances and reduce our anger levels?  Could we try something different?  It doesn't matter how mad I am for someone flopping in the soccer I cannot change the result but in real life I can make a difference. What kind of difference are you going to make? 


Happy watching this world cup!!


Adam Bryant

College Chaplain