Assistant Principals

From Mrs Allison


Helping Young People Flourish in Life

Maroondah Voice hosted an evening recently to explore youth mental health and community wellbeing. The nights conversation targeted all sectors of the local community parents, grandparents and significant ‘others’ of young people in Maroondah young people, aged 10-25 years who wished to learn more about mental health.


The featured presenters were: Prof Patrick McGorry, AO a world leading researcher in youth mental health from the University of Melbourne. Dr Peggy Kern. Senior Lecturer, Centre for Positive Psychology, the University of Melbourne, Joshua Baker a local Sporting Identity and Peter Feeney, Chairman of Communities of Wellbeing. Alongside these identities was Phoebe Roach, a Ringwood Secondary College Year 11 student, who participated as a member of the Q & A session. Phoebe is proactive member of the City of Maroondah Youth Services, in her role as the leader of the Student Wellbeing Action Team (SWAT).


Thank you and farewell to Anna Benson

Anna Benson has been a proactive teacher at Ringwood Secondary College for many years, and recently has decided to pursue teaching outside of Victoria. In her role as Lead Teacher for Positive Education and Pathways, Anna has implemented, supported and encouraged many programs at our College. Her energy and persistent drive is evident in projects she has worked on such as: installation of the ‘Virtues’ bollards, the paintings displayed in the library, of significant females, and her ongoing support for the Mental Health Carnival which was voted the best Community Event in the City of Maroondah. We wish her well in her new school.


I wish the students and staff a safe and restful holiday break, and encourage parents to enjoy time with their children.


Maria Allison

Assistant Principal

From Mrs Stathatos


As we head towards the final days of the semester it is important for all of us to engage in activities that energise and re vitalise us. The focus we have had on wellbeing has enhanced our understanding of the need to take time for ourselves, to be mindful of our own mental health and to have a healthy diet not just on holidays but every day.


We hope that everyone in the community looks after themselves and for students especially, to rest, sleep and break free from the normal routine of the day.


Student reports will contain further information than previous years with feedback from the  Learning Tasks to be visible on reports. Reports will be published on Compass at 2pm on the last day of term.


The Curriculum Committee is finalising the subject offerings for 2019 and Heads of Sub schools will make this information available in the online student handbooks a few weeks into Term 3.


Over the past fortnight I have been on an internship at Nossal High School as part of a leadership course. I thank Agatha Fedrizzi and Jackie Quenette for stepping into the Assistant Principal role over this time.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

From Mr Barut



The youngest members of our school community have completed six months of secondary school! Fantastic achievement! Feedback from the Junior School team is that all students have forged friendships, acquaintances and a real awareness of the work that is required to do well and flourish in a secondary environment. No one asks students to do more than their personal best and RSC has a deep and rich history, with its teaching and learning offerings and its extracurricular programs, to challenge all our students to achieve their personal best. Reports will be posted on Compass next week for all parents to peruse and this is an important part of the learning journey – focus on learning growth. Whilst all the tasks are on Compass, with continuous feedback throughout the semester, the reports will provide an overview of values and attitudes to learning – important aspects of the development of the whole student.

Next Friday, the last day of term, the Year 7s will travel to Doncaster for a House Trivia Challenge and pizza lunch….what a way to finish the term!

Good luck to all our students and thank you in advance for the Junior School team in their hard work in making this event happen.

The Year 8 cohort continue to thrive and establish themselves in a positive way into our school community.


Thank you to the parents who attended our second Open Morning coffee meet and greet. Parents had an opportunity to see the school at work, and catch up with the little ones – there were some embarrassed students! It’s okay, that’s your job as parents! Well done to the Junior School for availing themselves and especially to Ms Kim Watson for organising the event.



Our Year 10s have just completed their mid semester exams for the first time…what a fantastic learning experience for them. They are to be congratulated for the way they took on the challenge of the occasion, their exemplary behaviour throughout and their attention to being in the right place at the right time! Thank you to the Middle School team for all their hard work during the examination period, notwithstanding our excellent staff who have to mark all the exams! Well done! Work experience is happening in the last week of term and a taste of adult working life awaits – good luck to all our students.

Early next term, all our Middle School students will be invited to select courses and pathways for 2019 and beyond. Of course, we seek the support of parents during this important time and there will be several information evenings that outline the process and the timeline will be posted on Compass in due course.


And, tomorrow morning at the spritely time of 4.45 am, 115 Year 10 students and 13 dedicated staff are trekking off to Central! What an adventure. We wish them all the best and no doubt, they will be back, buzzing with excitement and memories, about this epic trip. Good luck to all and Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!



The impending break allows all to recharge and hit the ground running for the next term….revitalised, refreshed and rejuvenated. Putting aside the lame alliteration, the two week break can also be a trap for some of our senior school students, especially those undertaking Year 12. I can hear some of the commentary now:

  1. ‘I’m going to sleep till midday!’
  2. ‘I’m going to shop until I drop!’
  3. ‘I’m going to do as many shifts as I can to save for schoolies!’
  4. ‘I’m doing Foxtel, footy and focaccias!’


In fact, there are a plethora of activities that our senior students will have time for, and this is to be encouraged, but the advice is based around not forgetting one’s studies and maintaining a routine.


Research has shown that the body and the brain enjoy the consistency of pattern. Thus, the advice from many experts, including Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, is to keep those waking and sleeping hours almost the same. At a minimum, students must undertake to do at least three hours of homework per day, during the term break. Please assist your sons/daughters in this area by gently asking them about their plans and perhaps assisting them with their organisational health. As such, the noble pursuits listed above will be able to be fulfilled without guilt or regret.


One week before the mid term break.


James Barut

Assistant Principal