Secondary News

On Tuesday 30 November, our Year 10 cohort travelled to Boomi accompanied by Mr King and Miss Humphries to enjoy the wonderfully facilitated Boomi Swimming Pool and Co-Op Shop as well as St Patrick's Catholic Church. 
The rain that arrived in the early hours of the morning put a bit of a dampner on everyone's spirits as we thought our field trip wasn't going to go ahead. The field trip was held in lieu of our annual excursion to Lake Ainsworth (which had been cancelled due to COVID restrictions). 
The trip to Boomi from school, which would normally feel long and boring - as there's not much scenery, was filled with thrilling moments such as music by Heath to the flood water across the road in numerous locations. At Boomi, it rained lightly for most of the day but we still got to enjoy their Artesian pools which included two cool pools and a warmer one.
 Overall the facilities were great, as soon as we arrived they delivered our morning tea and were grateful to have us there. Their local Co-Op shop, attached to the pool, was the perfect place to provide our lunch and morning tea. In fact they probably exceeded our expectations a little bit - it was pretty good! The short, but sweet Mass that was run by Fr Damien Locke at St Patricks Catholic Church was very different to what we normally would experience. We all received a blessing and Fr Damien gave us some wise words and advice to remember when moving on from St Philomena’s. It was bittersweet because it reminded us that our time at St Philomena's was coming to an end. Celebrating Mass with our cohort, Mr King and Ms Humphries was special for us all. 
The Boomi Swimming Pool & Co-Op Shop and St Patrick's Catholic Church are wonderful facilities that the local community should be proud of.  
Rachel Makim
Year 10