Stephen Watt


Dear Parents/Carers, Families and College community


It was lovely to have some good rains this and last week to push along the pastures that have germinated over recent weeks. We safeguarded ourselves by purchasing additional irrigation water this year, but have found that the two or three good rain events during the season meant that we have used less water than anticipated; which is a good thing. 


Reduction in rainfall, so therefore less dam storage which means less irrigation water is one of the main issues we are addressing in our Farm planning. Strategies we are adopting include maximising the productivity of our farm land for fodder production (pasture renovation, clearing rocks and dead trees).  Growing fodder crops such as maize which are more water efficient and recycling water from the Dairy effluent pond.


Ag Advisory Meeting

This week we had our Agricultural Advisory meeting, which is made up of a number of industry representatives with expertise in the various farm enterprises we operate. The committee makes a valuable contribution through their advice to ensure we maintain a current industry focus, which in turn ensures that our students are trained in a way that prepares them for industry. 


I would be interested in speaking to anyone in our College community who has expertise in sustainable farming, horticulture, sheep or farm planning who might be interested in being involved.


COVID Update

The most recent news we have is that from midnight tonight masks will no longer be mandatory except on public transport and at mass events over 1000 in Perth and Peel. I am sure that this will make our students and staff who have had to wear masks the last two weeks very happy!  The recent outbreak is a timely reminder that we are still very much in a global pandemic and the despite being relatively safe in Australia we need to maintain a vigilant approach.



Have a great weekend.