Student Wellbeing 

What Helps You Learn? 


Many have observed that we have no trouble learning about topics we are passionate about. As we return to home-learning (hopefully only for a short time!), we can reflect about what we loved learning about as children – maybe this is an opportunity to share your childhood passion with your child! 

For some, they could not read enough about dinosaurs; my brothers were obsessed with sports statistics; others could tell you all about World War II battles – others were fascinated by science fiction. This highlights the importance of reading; as soon as a child can read, that child is free to eagerly pursue their interest by absorbing as much information as they can access – learning all they can about their pet subject. 

Not all of us learn in the same way, however – some like to ‘fidget’ whilst others like ‘stillness’. Whilst considering what you loved learning about as a child, check out this information on ‘popping toys’ – happy home learning!