Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Once again we are learning remotely and l am impressed by the level of resilience and co-operation everyone in our community has shown and continues to show in our current circumstances. 


COVID Update 

As a school, we are located in close proximity to some of the known hotspots and we are conscious of keeping everyone in our school community safe. Please only enter the school office if your matter is urgent and a face mask must be worn on entry. 


At this stage, school camps and excursions in both metropolitan and regional Victoria are not allowed. In the hope that we return to onsite learning in the future, we continue to plan for our MLA camp in Term 3. We will contact parents next week regarding a revised time, date and mode of delivery for our MLA Camp Information meeting.


Schools continue to follow the COVID Safe principles as outlined in the updated School Operations Guide, reinforcing key behaviours such as staying home when unwell and supporting regular hand hygiene.


As we all know from experience, the situation can change quickly and l thank everyone for their ongoing support and assistance at this time. We will continue to update everyone regarding changes to operations as soon as possible. 


Online etiquette and expectations

As we continue the remote learning program, we need to remember that remote learning can be challenging and we need to be understanding, tolerant and respectful of each other as we work in partnership at the current time.

We ask families to remember that what applies in the classroom applies online in terms of your behaviour, participation and completion of work.


Open and appropriate learning spaces

  • Only engage in audio and video classes from an open, quiet and appropriate space located outside your bedroom.
  • Minimise whatever is behind you – a blank wall is preferable.
  • Prepare a sign letting household members know that you are currently in an online class, as people running around in the background are distracting and will disrupt learning for all.
  • Check that your video and audio work correctly – it is good to use a microphone headset if you have one.
  • Be prepared by completing any pre-session tasks your teacher has set.

Communication during online classes

  • Use appropriate language when communicating (speaking/writing messages) online with your teachers and your classmates.
  • Behave appropriately in accordance with school rules, expectations and classroom agreements.
  • Ensure the tone of your language is appropriate to the task and lesson you are completing. This is no different to a normal classroom.
  • Do not have other programs, games or apps etc. running in the background, unless directed by your teacher to do so.
  • Be on time when joining online classes.
  • Make sure your class notes and other resources are accessible.
  • Mute your microphone prior to commencing a class and activate as required.
  • Be prepared to participate in online classes through audio and other means.
  • Note any questions that you might have during the session and wait for the designated question and answer time, unless otherwise stipulated by your
  • Note any questions that you might have during the session and wait for the designated question and answer time, unless otherwise stipulated by your teacher.
  • Remain calm if you experience a technology failure or feel frustrated; be patient with yourself and your teacher.


2022 Prep Enrolments

We already have some enrolment applications for Prep in 2022.  I encourage families who have a child they wish to enrol for next year to submit an enrolment application ASAP.   Existing families are guaranteed a place however please remember to submit an enrolment form. Please download an enrolment form from our website.


School Closure Day

On Tuesday, 15th June, staff will be working with Fr Elio Capra who will be leading us on the Spirituality of the sacraments and exploring Art to deepen our understanding of these important faith milestones. All teachers in the Melbourne Archdiocese of Catholic Schools are required to undertake regular professional learning in Religious Education and we are looking forward to working with Fr Elio.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us as we are available to help.  

Again l offer my thanks to all our families for the amazing work they have been doing supporting their children with remote learning. And l thank our students for their impressive efforts working remotely at this time. 




Maria Barnes