On Thursday 26 May in Business Management, our classes conducted an activity which involved making funny faced cookies. We did this to learn about the process of operations management strategies. It overviewed the inputs that went into making the cookies, the actual process of making them as well as the output of the final good produced. 

This activity gave us a deeper understanding of the content we had learnt in class, such as how to ensure a quality product is made while trying to minimise resources used. 


Thanks to Ms Lucarelli and Mr Graham for conducting the activity and buying the ingredients. Overall, it solidified our knowledge of operations management and what goes into making a product. We would strongly recommend it for next year’s Business Management classes. 

Sam Kay
Connor Hayes
Sam Kay
Connor Hayes

Sam Kay & Connor Hayes

Year 12 students


As part of Law Week, our Year 12 Legal students were invited to a Q&A zoom session with four Supreme Court Judges and two other Victorian secondary schools.


The four judges involved in this session represented the four divisions of the Supreme Court: Court of Appeal (Justice Richard Niall), Criminal and Common Law divisions (Justice John Champion and Justice Jacinta Forbes), and the Commercial Court (Justice Richard Attiwill).

Prior to the session, our students were asked to send through possible questions for the judges to address during the session. Some of these questions were:

  • How do you become appointed as a judge, and what’s the process?
  • What careers have you had before being appointed as a judge?
  • What happens on an ordinary day for you?
  • Have you had any cases that caused distress and were hard to hear?
  • Have you ever had a time when you were really confused with the facts of the case? 
  • Are you allowed to talk about your cases to family members and friends?

During the session, each judge was introduced, giving a brief overview of their roles and work at their designated court. Then students from each school were given an opportunity to ask a question for any one judge to address. This was a very informative zoom session that gave our students a true insight into the everyday lives of judges in Victorian courts.


Sophie D’Ambrosio

VCE Legal Studies Teacher


This is what Archie Redman had to say about this Q&A session:


‘The ability to examine the role of judges, differing from civil and criminal law, enabled me and other students to envisage the differing experiences of legal personnel in our courtrooms.


Adding a humanistic perspective to the role of judges, the guest judges emphasized how not all of their decisions will be correct however they do get it right most of the time. This also enhanced our understanding of the complexity of our legal system. 


Overall, the incursion was incredibly insightful and allowed me to reflect on the difficult role of our judges within the Victorian judicial system.’

Archie Redman
Archie Redman

Archie Redman

Year 12 Student


Students from the Year 9 Elective: Cities of the Future attended the Metro Tunnel HQ Fieldwork in the city on Friday 3 June. This was an exciting opportunity to see what the new tunnels will look like and the technology behind them. The Metro Tunnel, Victoria’s biggest ever public transport project, will be a key part of Melbourne's urban future. 

The audio-visual and augmented reality installations at the visitor centre helped bring the project to life. Students learned about the challenges of creating rail infrastructure to support our expanding population and experienced the world of tunnel boring machines through virtual reality goggles. Their session with the program’s facilitators included a walking tour to view the Town Hall Station construction site. A careers discovery session explored the wide range of jobs available in large infrastructure projects and how they align with individual students’ skills and interests.


Jack Gromer

History & Geography Teacher


On Friday 3 June the Year 9 Cities of The Future class visited the Metro Tunnel HQ as part of the unit on infrastructure and the development of cities. The class left the school at recess and arrived at the Metro HQ around midday. The excursion commenced with an hour of free time to get some lunch before meeting together again. Once we all gathered together again, the guides explained the process of building the Metro Tunnel and the effects it would have on the transportation system. 


It was fascinating to learn about the importance of the Metro Tunnel and how it would have a positive impact on the community. We also participated in different activities such as a VR experience and a potential career workshop. These all corresponded with the information we learned in class and allowed us to develop our knowledge even further. Throughout the semester we have learnt about how our cities will adapt to our constantly changing environment and what opportunities may arise. Overall the excursion was not only educational but was also an extremely enjoyable experience.

Victoria Furman
Victoria Furman

Victoria Furman

Year 9F Student 


On Friday 3 June, a class of Year 9 students who have been studying Cities of the Future for the past two terms, got on a bus and visited the Metro Tunnel HQ. This much anticipated excursion was both educational and a fantastic experience. The class visited the HQ in the city as part of our topic on infrastructure and developing cities. We looked at the impact of the metro tunnel and the future possibilities that it might provide. At recess we went on a bus and began our journey to the city. Excitement was in the air in anticipation of what was coming. The Year 9 class arrived at midday, and were allowed to spend an hour walking around the city, taking in all of the culture and architectural wonders. 


We were shown how the Melbourne Metro train system has progressed, and in what way it might progress in the future. Then shortly after we all came back to the Metro Tunnel HQ for the very informative information session, the guides explained more about the new Metro Tunnel, and how it’s the biggest public transport project to ever be made in Victoria. 


In the HQ there were a variety of different activities to do including a virtual reality headset that allowed us to see images of the site where the tunnel was being built. And a very informative career workshop, about potential job opportunities for us. All of what we learned that day was related to what we had learnt in the semester about how the cities of the world will adapt to the ever-changing environment. After coming back to school, all of the class felt that it was not only an amazing fun day, but also educational, and an experience that we will remember well. 

Lauren Fischer
Lauren Fischer

Lauren Fischer

Year 9A Student