Pitsa Binnion
Pitsa Binnion

As Term 2 draws to an end next week, we all look forward to a well deserved break. I hope staff, students and parents can enjoy the much needed rest and down time.


Last week the inaugural East campus Music Concert was held featuring all Years 8 and 9 Music Ensembles. 


It was our first ever music concert in the gymnasium at the new campus and the seating was full of parents, grandparents and friends. 


Congratulations to all our talented music staff who inspire students and continue to invest energy and commitment to music.


Dr Michael Carr-Gregg shared his wisdom with families of Year 7s by hosting an online presentation on Managing Young People's Wellbeing Post Pandemic


Transition to secondary school and parenting teenagers is a very complex and challenging time. Michael shares incredible insight and strategies to help navigate this chapter.


From the beginning of term 3, we will be welcoming a new canteen provider, Elynwood Catering. I know Elynwood Catering will ensure a very smooth transition. You can continue to place canteen orders online using the same app, Flexischools.


I thank Avoca Catering and wish them continued success.


Please note the canteen will NOT be in operation on the last day of term 2, Friday 24 June, 2022.


The transport Minister Ben Carroll met with Nick Staikos, Michael Kan, and myself to guarantee our bus provision that connects the east and the main campuses. 


We are very appreciative of this service and know it will continue to serve the community well and help with overcrowding. Nick has advocated strongly to secure a permanent solution for our school.


Last Tuesday we welcomed some special guest speakers to east campus for Year 9s, who were able to enrich students’ understanding of their English film text, In My Blood It Runs.


The students and staff heard from William Tilmouth, a respected Arrernte Elder, who was able to share his wisdom and experience, including his insight into being a survivor of the Stolen Generation. 


We also heard from Jane Vadiveloo, CEO of the not-for-profit organisation Children’s Ground, which aims to create long-term change for Indigenous children. 

Both William and Jane were advisors on the film In My Blood It Runs and students were given the opportunity for a Q&A session with the speakers. This event gave them invaluable insight into both the making of the film, and the wider issues it raises. 


As a part of our Reconciliation Week activities, the McKinnon community participated in the Wear It Yellow campaign run by Children’s Ground, which raises awareness and much-needed funds for Indigenous education. I was very pleased to be able to present Jane with McKinnon’s contribution to this important cause.  


Congratulations to all the Years 10 and 11 students for completing their exams. I wish them all the very best with their results. They all approached these exams with tremendous endeavour and commitment. 


Thank you to all families who visited our new campus on Tuesday 14 June. We are so proud of this new campus and it is being enjoyed by students and staff alike. 


I am so very grateful to our local member Nick Staikos, the Deputy Premier James Merlino and the Premier Daniel Andrews for their advocacy and support of this incredible facility. It will indeed serve the community for generations to come. I thank the student leaders who were exceptional tour guides.  



The Year 12 Theatre Studies class recently presented a full-scale production of an Australian play, Spontaneous Human Combustion. The students are responsible for all aspects of the production as part of their VCE assessment, including designing the sets, lighting, sound and costumes, and of course, acting and directing. 


The class formed ideas to interpret a complex script and obviously worked collaboratively to achieve their best. In particular I want to acknowledge the direction team Charlotte McLaverty, Devon Murova and Ethan Sporton who played Joan of Arc and spoke French throughout the play. The poster for the play art was done by May Ding


It was an impressive and polished performance by all involved, and a wonderful achievement in teamwork and creative problem solving. 

I would like to thank Lucy Angell, Theatre Studies teacher, and the technical team, especially Michael Birkett, for assisting these students in realising their theatrical visions.


Our Year 7 student management team have been working hard to further improve our student engagement and sense of belonging. Feedback has been collected and a number of new lunchtime initiatives are being implemented. 


One of these programs is a rock up netball competition. On Monday 6 June, 40 Year 7s signed up and competed in the competition. The program was run by a number of our Year 12 Sports Captains, also improving their leadership skills. 


Fun was had by all involved! A great opportunity to run off some energy, build our teamwork skills and meet new people. Keep an eye out for more lunchtime activities in the coming weeks.

Year 7 Netball
Year 7 Netball


McKinnon’s Snooker club has been established by and for Year 12 students. This has been possible due to the generous donation of snooker tables and equipment from the Victorian Snooker and Billiards Association organised by Jemma Wines. 


It is regularly attended by a number of Year 12s during lunch time and is a great opportunity for them to socialise and interact device free, particularly on cold and wet days. 


Three Snooker Captains have been appointed to run activities and keep the room in good order, Tom Howells, Holly Spencer and Ashleigh Hart.

Ashleigh, Tom & Holly
Ashleigh, Tom & Holly


I thank parents for their support and understanding during a difficult term 2 as we navigate numerous staff and student absences. 


I want to acknowledge our daily organisation team Rosie Patterson and Joanne Robinson who have worked tirelessly to cover all classes. 


I will be on leave for a number of weeks next term and Michael Kan will be Acting Principal. I wish him well and know he will make sure things run smoothly.