It has again proved to be an exciting time in the Performing Arts department with a large number of performances already taken place and planning for a few more in the next few weeks.


Thank you to Georgina Mead who has been replacing Rose Kavanagh over the past term. Her work with the string students on both campuses, and her enthusiastic work with the World Music Ensemble has been amazing. Georgina, we wish you well in any upcoming endeavours.


A reminder that students need to take their instruments home with them over the school break and to ensure that they take time to diligently practice.


Over three amazing performances on Friday 3 June and Saturday 4 June, the Year 12 Theatre Studies class wowed audiences with their performance of Spontaneous Human Combustion by Daniel Evans. It was clearly evident that the students had undertaken a great deal of work preparing this show, both in character work and the actual staging. There was a high level of professionalism by all the students. Congratulations to the entire class and to Lucy Angell for her work with this group of students.


It was absolutely fabulous to welcome so many parents and friends to the inaugural East Campus concert on Thursday 9 June. The gymnasium proved to be an acoustically brilliant space to allow the students to shine. 


Thank you to all the students from Year 8 Strings, both Year 8 Bands, Keenan Strings, Ovenden Band, East Choir, World Music group, the Percussion group, and the Junior Stage Band who all worked extremely hard to present such a great concert.  Thank you to all the ensemble directors: Andrew Albanis, Stuart Cook, Sergei Golovko, Andrew Jacobs, Georgina Mead, James Morrissey, Megan Papworth, Dmitry Serebrinik and Blanka West.



Junior Concert Tuesday 21 June 5:30pm (Hall)

  • Year 7 Bands
  • Year 7 Strings
  • Intermediate Stage Band 
  • Percussion Ensemble 

Year 12 Music Evening 

  • Thursday 23 June 5:30pm (Auditorium)

Megan Papworth

Head of Performing Arts