My name is Spencer and I love different languages around the world. Excluding my native tongue: Chinese, I'm learning English and French.


I'm always intrigued by the complexities and the cultures of different countries and that's why I enjoy learning languages. 

Spencer Wu
Spencer Wu

Spencer Wu

Year 8 Student


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Work is continuing in our Year 9 French and German classes with preparations for their expo in week 2 of term 3. There is much preparation to be done for our students to be able to inform staff and students all about the countries, regions and cultural specialities related to the languages they are learning.


The German Film Festival is nearly over - here is the link German Film Festival 2022

And if you miss it, there is always SBS:

SBS German Collection


Our Year 8 French classes are currently working on research projects on one of the three areas they have learned about this term - clothes (la mode), activities (le sport) and music (la musique). The best group(s) will be invited to present along with the Year 9s at the Languages expo in term 3.


Years 7 to 10

A big thank you to Madame Welton, who very generously volunteered to use her extensive experience as a French teacher to help our East campus competitors practise for the poetry competition. Recording was completed this week on both campuses and the recordings have been submitted to the Alliance Francaise for judging.  

Thank you to Mr Krause for recording our students so they can be presented in the most professional way.

Years 11 and 12

Our Years 11 and 12 French students are preparing to participate in the VCE level Berthe Mouchette competitions in term 3. 


Jenny Lynd

Languages Learning Area Manager


The Berthe Mouchette Poetry competition was most certainly one of my highlights this semester. The Berthe Mouchette poem competition is an opportunity for students to practice their French language skills by participating in a competition with great prizes to be won! Every year for over a century, millions of young Victorians have been bringing French poetry to life in the antipodes of France. The Berthe Mouchette Competition is a unique and memorable experience for the candidates that reinforces the vitality of French in Australia. 


We were asked to memorise a French poem within the time span of a month. The poem I decided to practice was ‘Aemoon, Slam de Paul Wamo.’ Most of the other Year 8 students also did ‘Dans le regard d'un enfant, Claude Haller.’ I wanted to do something different so I chose to do the slam poem. It took me around a month to memorise the poem and by the time of filming, I felt somewhat prepared. 


When it was my time to be filmed, I was both excited and nervous, but just wanted to get it done and over with after waiting for so long. We were given two takes, so it was important to not make too many mistakes. The filming went quite smoothly for me however it did take the two takes!! 


Overall, I am so grateful for this opportunity and thank all our amazing language teachers and Mr Krause for all their efforts with the Berthe Mouchette competition!!  

Maleesha Dharmadasa
Maleesha Dharmadasa

Maleesha Dharmadasa

Year 8F Student


I decided to join the Berthe Mouchette poetry competition because I wanted to experience something new and support my teacher since she gave me the idea to join. What I had to do was practise and practise; it took a lot of hard work and determination. But I ended up learning my poem to the best of my ability. 


How I practised was I listened to what Madame Welton had to say about the poem and then I would come home with all her feedback and practise at home. My poem was about a man who flew all over France and he wrote everything as if he saw it all in the eyes of a child. The whole experience was great fun. I really enjoyed participating in the Berthe Mouchette and I will probably participate next year.

Daniel Rizantsev
Daniel Rizantsev

Daniel Rizantsev

Year 8K Student