Specialist - PA

Years One & Two Weather Music! 

This term the Years One and Two students are learning about weather in Performing Arts. We are excited to make weather music such as rain and thunderstorms using recycled materials. Over the coming weeks we are seeking donations from families for our learning. 


I am asking that all Years One and Two students bring a clear/plastic and labelled bottle with a screw top lid, no larger than 500ml. We will be making rain sticks in Week 6 of the term on Wednesday 16th August. I kindly ask that all children bring their empty bottle by this date and store them in their classrooms. 


We are also looking for donations of newspapers and  additional clean/clear plastic bottles with a screw top lid to support all children to be able to make an instrument. 


There will be a tub located at the front office for all donations. 


Thank you kindly, 

Mrs. Polson