Lost Property


Malvern Primary has a system for lost property.

The best way to find your child’s lost item is to look for it as soon as possible.

However, if you cannot locate it, lost items are placed in one of two places in the school:

- The wheelie bins outside the Junior Hall, one for clothes and hats and one for

lunch boxes, drink bottles (etc).

- At the back of the Recreation Center at the bottom of the stairs.

Every 3-4 weeks a group of parent volunteers help to sort everything in the bins. We place the

items in bags and return them to the classrooms.

Only items that are labelled/named and legible if handwritten will be returned.

Any unlabeled uniform will be passed on to be sold at the second hand uniform sales.

Casual clothing will be donated.

Empty lunch boxes, drink bottles will be recycled.

Lunch boxes with food in them will be thrown out.



First names, initials, nicknames, your child’s grade are not helpful because the

owner cannot be identified.

There are 650+ names in the school.  If you buy something second-hand please rename/label it.

We cannot return it if it has 2 or 3 different names still on them.

The company My Name Label will donate 15% fundraising for the school and 5% discount

for you when you order through them using the fundraising promotional code aa8f7b80.

You can pick up a leaflet in the office or go to mynamelabel.com.au


Trish Linardakis

Lost Property