Family Advice Portal


Our Family Advice Portal is aimed to assist families with common issues that effect children at home and at school.  It is important however to remember to contact your child's teacher or school leaders if you believe the problem is serious.  As a team we will work together to provide your child with the appropriate support needed for them to overcome challenges as they arise.


Anxiety is the number one issue we deal with at school.  This website is a great resource for parents, especially the Top 10 Tips for dealing with Anxiety. 

Managing Your Child's Anxiety

Children and Anxiety.

Anxiety Fact Sheet.  Beyond Blue


Attendance - Every Day Counts!

Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child's education.  This fact sheet explains why.



Autism effects a large number of children.  For information on the Autism Spectrum, this fact page from the Royal Children's Hospital will answer any questions you may have.  Autism Fact Page.

Autism Info


Everyone can do with some help dealing with behaviour from time to time.  

Aged 5-8 years.

Aged 9-11 years



Have you got any questions about Bullying?  


The Bully No Way website has some excellent resources for both parents and children.


Please contact your child's teacher if you have any issues regarding Bullying.

Child Safety

Bravehearts visit our school each year to teach our children about personal safety and protection from sexual assault.  This video explains the program including the key messages taught to the children.


The video below is from the Daniel Morcombe Foundation which is an excellent video for Gr 3-6 students.



Tips and advice on helping your child have safe and enjoyable experiences online.

Esafety Website

Family Diversity

Families can be very diverse.  This website has information to support and assist families of all shapes and sizes!

Family Diversity

Goal Setting Meetings (Parent Teacher Interviews)

Goal Setting meetings are a crucial component of supporting your child's education.  This website gives parents and carers information on how they can prepare for a productive meeting.

Goal Setting Meeting Advice

Grief and Trauma

Children can be effected by trauma in many ways, a death of a loved one or pet, sickness and marriage break ups.  If your child has suffered trauma these fact sheets may be of assistance:


Discussing Death with Children


The Royal Children's Hospital website is an excellent resource for parents who have questions regarding any child health issues.

RCH Fact Sheets


Please find attached research articles on why Primary School children don't have a lot of homework.


Literacy & Numeracy Tips

Research shows that families are the most significant influence on their children’s learning.  This article assists families to play a key role in helping children prepare for school, and then succeed when they reach school.


Maggie Dent

Maggie Dent is a world renowned expert on parenting.  Her website contains tips and information on everything from fussy eating to anger management.



Want to check if a movie, TV Show, book or a computer game is suitable for your child?  Common Sense Media gives parents specific information on levels of swearing, violence and other content that may be inappropriate for your child.

Oral Language

Developing your child's oral language plays a crucial part of their overall development. The articles below provide parents with some great strategies to implement in the home.


Parent Help

Parentline is a Victorian Government phone service for parents and carers of children from birth to 18 years old. They offer confidential and anonymous counselling and support on parenting issues.

Parent Line Information

School Refusal

Sometimes children don't want to attend school for a range of reasons.  Early intervention is crucial when dealing with school refusal.


School Refusal Help Sheet

Why Won't My Child Go to School newspaper article.

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety often occurs to children at the start of the school day when they have difficulties leaving their parents.  This web page has some great advice for parents.  Separation Anxiety Tips for Parents.


Advice on how to ensure your child gets enough sleep.


Advice on Sleep

Speech Problems

Speech difficulties in children can range from speech impediments (articulation) to difficulties expressing themselves or understanding language.  This fact page from the Royal Children's Hospital may answer some of your questions.

Speech Problems

Separation and Divorce

Many families experience separation which can result in different emotional responses from children.  This fact sheet has a range of helpful tips when dealing with separation.  Separation Fact Sheet.