Parents and Friends News 


PRESIDENT- Katrina Ogden  VICE PRESIDENT- Emma Thompson SECRETARY- Brynne Schumacher ASSISTANT SECRETARY- Kelly Ross TREASURER- Kacey Barlow SCHOOL REP- Cate Fraser BOARD REP- Sharon Gleeson

General Committee Members Aroha Potae, Shandy Chairul, Mikaela Hanson, Jess Rogers, Leanne Cleary, Christie Thomas, Laura Ackroyd



Halloween Disco – October 29th -CANCELLED

School FETE – November 12th -CANCELLED




The P & F have decided to do a major raffle which will be drawn at the end of School Year Concert on Thursday December 9th. The prizes will be some of the generous donations that we have already received for the fete.


We hope that 2022 is a better year for our fundraising efforts.