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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           DONATIONS NEEDED



Our students will soon be planting out some spring seedlings. We are asking if families have any bales of pea straw they could donate it would be greatly appreciated.









St Mary's school logo bucket hats are compulsory during terms 1 and 4.


Please ensure your child's hat is named and with them EVERY day.

 As of next  if your child does not have a hat

 they will have to sit in the shaded area (quadrangle).




Sadly we have decided to cancel our ‘Circus Splendida ‘ play this year.  With the short time remaining this term, teachers feel that more emphasis should be on the 3 Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic [maths]).  Because of the lengthy lockdowns it has been very difficult to keep the momentum up with production practice.  We intend to perform the ‘Circus Splendida’ play next year. We know that the grade 6 students will be extremely disappointed but it is out of our hands.


                                      3/4 CAMP

Mrs Parry and Mrs Donoghue are working towards providing the grade 3/4 the opportunity to have a camp or a sleepover at school.  We will keep parents of the 3/4 students informed when camps / sleepovers are permitted and hopefully those students will benefit from a night away from home. More information will be shared soon.


                         SCHOOL EXCURSION

Our students were lucky to experience a whole school excursion to Ballarat in Term 1 before COVID restrictions. We are currently planning another excursion and when restrictions are further eased we hope to take the whole school. More information will be shared as time progresses.