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Here at Bunyip Primary School we have been very lucky to have had a Cricket Clinic come out to us every Tuesday this Term. The students in Grade 5 and 6 have had a great time participating and the clinic has taught us how to play cricket, as well as encouraged resilience and good sportsmanship.


All of the students have been playing different activities involving cricket such as batting, bowling and target practice. 

We all have had a lot of fun learning new skills and are grateful to the people who have organised the activities. They have made our first few weeks of school very fun and have given all of us something to look forward to each week.


On Monday the 13th of February, Bunyip Primary School had students from Grades 1-6 participate in a Hockey Clinic. We are very grateful for them coming out to Bunyip Primary School and teaching us lots of new skills. 


We all had a good time and now have some gnarly skills for us if we ever want to try out hockey in the future. 


Here are some of the opinions from the students who took part in the clinic:


“I think that the best part of the Hockey Clinic was the numbers game, when they called me up to play against one another. It was great learning a new sport that I enjoyed.” - George Millis


“It was great doing the ball control and passing with my partner, I enjoyed versing the instructor and learning a new sport.” - Paige McCaughey 


Thanks again for coming out to Bunyip and special thanks to Mr Craig for setting it up!


By Cooper McCoy & Jack McComb

Mrs Glenys Howard, Mrs Jess Beilby, Miss Nicole Stark, Mrs Leanne McKane.