Mother’s Day

What do those words spark for you?

For some, this calendar moment sparks special feelings remembering a lovely day spent with the people you treasure the most. For others, it may be pangs of grief of one lost or one never known. 

I’ve tried to take a deeper look into what motherhood is this year.  

Most of us would understand a mother to be caring and a sensitive woman, but what shouldn’t be underestimated is the strength and compassion required to tackle problems and sort out disputes. The determination and heart required to advocate for their children.  From being a fierce protector to a gentle support and even at times a friend who selflessly puts others needs above their own.  Whether or not your mother offered these qualities, I hope you had the opportunity to honour a Mother or female figure in your life over the Mother's Day weekend, who has embodied these characteristics and has been able to support you through your journey.  It’s a great opportunity to honour a special lady in our lives. To be grateful for all that they have to offer in shaping us into who we are and will become.

Adam Bryant