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Year 12 Studio Arts Excursion

Recently, the Year 12 Studio Arts class visited the The Dax Centre at Melbourne University, where they viewed the exhibition ‘Stigma: Dismantled, Revealed’. This Exhibition included the creative practices of seven contemporary artists including an artist in residence. ‘STIGMA: dismantled, revealed’ explored the pervasiveness of stigma and self-stigma that persists around mental health issues today.


Throughout The Dax Centre excursion, students met with the curator, toured the collection areas, and learnt about behind the scenes conservation and preservation methods undertaken to ensure the longevity of the artworks in their collection. This information will be crucial for their Unit 4 studies.


After, the students walked to Blindside, an Artist Run gallery space that was showcasing the exhibition ‘Objects in Motion’ by Torin Francis. This was a clear contrast to a public gallery space and gave students some insight into entering the art industry in the future.


In the afternoon, students viewed the exhibition ‘Top Arts 2019’, held at the National Gallery of Victoria. It showcased the exceptional work of students who have completed Art or Studio Arts as part of their Victorian Certificate of Education in 2018. Comprising work selected from applicants across Victoria, the exhibition encompasses a range of mediums. Students also had the opportunity to view folios of the studio process. This was very inspiring for our year 12 Studio Arts students who are currently completing their studio process in their folio. We wish them the best of luck at meeting this deadline.


Thanks to Mel Mueller for assisting with the excursion.


Kayla Whitfield

Visual Arts Subject Coordinator


Recently, current Year 12 student Natalie Buultjens and past student Chloe Hazeldine were selected to showcase their Studio Arts artworks from 2018 at the exhibition ‘Pure Talent’. Ringwood Secondary College was also acknowledged for their musical talent with current student Stephanie Henry and past student Abby James singing as guests viewed the artworks.


This event showcased creative and diverse artworks as part of Maroondah’s celebration of Victorian Youth Week 2019, highlighting the natural talents and abilities of young people to engage and inspire their community. It was presented by Maroondah Youth Services in partnership with Arts and Cultural Development and Wyreena Community Arts Centre. The exhibition involved 14 young emerging artists from VCE 2018 and exhibited a wide and imaginative selection of painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, printmaking and design.


Chloe Hazledine’s artwork was titled"GROWING THOUGHTS”. Chloe explains her artwork:


“My composition aims to capture a visual representation of the unseen mind. The abundance of leaves ascending out of the face in my artwork convey different thoughts and how our minds and thoughts are constantly growing and changing. The mind in my piece is depicted as a garden. The garden is created as a symbolic metaphor, that people must nurture and weed out inner thoughts in order to produce a flourishing life filled garden” 

Natalie Buultjens artwork was titled "THE STAGES OF ANGER". Natalie explains her artwork: “The landscape 'The Stages of Anger' is a representation of a person feeling the primal and fierce emotion of anger.


The work represents the developmental stages of this emotion. It does this by visually taking the viewer on a ride through the stages of a Tornado in its natural setting. I believe that nature directly mirrors human emotions, and that the Tornado reflects the 3 main stages of anger. Firstly, representing being upset, the feeling of unrest. Secondly, acting irrationally and even brutally, with no regard to the consequences of its actions. Thirdly, the tornado represents the feeling of regret after the outburst. The viewer and those involved are left looking at the aftermath.”


What a great acknowledgement of our students. The Visual Arts Department are very proud of their achievements.


Kayla Whitfield

Visual Arts Subject Coordinator

Sayembara Lisan


Indonesian Speaking Competition

On Friday May 3rd, Bu Lundie and Mr Vlahos accompanied 11 students to Emmaus College to take part in the regional Sayembara Lisan Indonesian Speaking Competition. After 5 weeks of preparations, students engaged with their assessor in a general conversation before presenting a

two-minute speech in Indonesian about their school life and responding to spontaneous questions in the target language.


After their assessment took place, students had the opportunity to engage with students from other schools who are also studying Indonesian, as well as participate in film, dance and food workshops. Students were fortunate enough to learn about the benefits of engaging with Indonesian language studies from Ibu Yacinta Kurniasih an Indonesian author and head lecturer for Indonesian studies at Monash University.


We are so proud to announce that the following six students have made it through to the State Finals to be held at The University of Melbourne on June 1st:


Niharika Harne (Year 8)

Wendalyn Yu (Year 8)

Zoe Lanyon (Year 8)

Amelia Wildie (Year 8)

Summer Croft (Year 10)

Klay Po (Year 10)


Congratulations once again to all students who participated!


Jessica Lundie

Head of Languages

English and Indonesian Teacher

Maroondah Billy Cart Marathon

Hey all,

Ringwood Secondary College is participating in the Maroondah Billy Cart Marathon that has been organised through Maroondah Rotary.

As a part of Year 11 Intermediate VCAL class Jacob, Corey, Ethan, Harrison, Shavi and Rena have volunteered to be the Design and Construction Team. We are required to create a billy cart and participate in the Rotary Club Billy Kart race on the 8th of September. The Rotary Club will donate any funds raised to selected charities.

We will have an estimated 2 months to design and build 2 billy carts.


If you have any old bikes, bike parts or BMX wheels please help us out by donating items to help us build the carts.

Contact Adam Bryant at

If you have any expertise and would be willing to meet with us to discuss design, materials that can be used we would appreciate your input.


Thanks to all,

Jacob, Corey, Ethan, Harrison, Shavi and Rena

Intermediate VCAL class

Ringwood Secondary College


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