From Our Principal,

Well we have finally made it to the last day of term 2. This is a term unlike any other we have ever experienced. 


Congratulations to all those who have made this whole process work. A big thank you to our students who have displayed outstanding resilience and perseverance during the home learning experience. Our teachers have also changed work locations, learned new curriculum delivery models and managed a class of students who were not in their direct care. Finally, our whole community needs to celebrate their contribution in supporting and facilitating the home learning program. 


And then just as quickly we came back into school with staggered entry and exit times for students, teachers working in independent teams, shorter lunch and recess times and so many other alterations that were required to keep our community safe. School has run smoothly, children have reconnected with their peers and our families have been able to celebrate such a wonderful return to learning at school.


In term 3

  • Preps year 1 and Year 2 will enter the school from 8.45 am through existing gates. Instruction will commence at 9.00 am. Siblings from older year levels can enter also.
  • Years 3 to 6 students will enter from 8.55 am with all instruction to commence by 9.00 am.
  • Children arriving after this time will need to be signed in at the office.
  • At the end of the day the Prep to year 2 students will be dismissed at 3.20 pm. Siblings from older grades can also exit the school at this earlier time.
  • The year 3 to 6 students will exit at 3.30 pm.

Drop off

Lesson start at

Pick up

Prep / 1 / 2

8.45 am

9.00 am

3.20 pm


8.55 am

9.00 am

3.30 pm

  • We encourage all families to use the Balaclava Road drop off zone to ease traffic congestion, reduce parking pressure and support a smooth start to the learning day and dispersal of students at the end of each day.
  • Children who display any signs or symptoms of illness must not attend school. If your child displays signs or symptoms during the school day they must be collected.
  • Adults are not required on site and you can collect your children from the nominated entry/ exit points.
  • Our specialist team will come back to normal face-to-face classes for all students in term 3.

At this point in time, the spread of COVID - 19 in Victoria appears to be on the rise. There are clearly identified hot spots in local government areas, the state government has tightened the numbers allowed to make visits to homes and the message remains clear… if you don’t need to be out, stay at home!


Children will return to school on Monday July 13th. They will need to be in full school uniform, with a drink bottle and their lunch boxes. Our school uniform policy is on the website and it clearly outlines what is accepted at our school as uniform. School Council approve and monitor this policy and we are moving towards having everyone dressed in line with the school policy.


In term 3 there will be no external providers allowed to access the school site. We have continued to hold this position in line with Department of Education direction and with the welfare of students as our main priority. Thank you to all involved who have supported this position and for your understanding around the issues. Once we have a clearer direction from the Department of Education, we will work with these groups to look at how we could facilitate these programs recommencing.


Over the last few weeks our Masterplanning sub committee of School Council has worked with architects Mark and Fernando to develop some key understandings and concepts around the proposed redevelopment of our school. This work is only in concept stage but with the support of Department of Education staff, we have moved the work along so we can have a preliminary presentation to School Council early in term 3. The current work has looked at existing spaces, access, building layouts and what the school may need as we move into the future. My thanks to all the team who are meeting regularly and ensuring the masterplan truly reflects our school, the community and the future learning needs of our children.



On the 14th of July, Bastille Day, will be celebrated at our school. 

Students are invited to dress up in the French Colours or wear appropriate French cultural accessories. 


On Bastille Day our students will celebrate the French History and culture with various activities in their classrooms or with their specialists teachers.


Last week at School Council we were presented with a letter from one of our senior students regarding the naming of our current House groups after early Australian explorers. The letter went on to raise concerns about cultural sensitivity, the appropriateness of these names being used and our connection to the indigenous community. It was such a well written letter and challenged Council to discuss the issue and implications of these concerns for a great deal of time during General Business. There has been a surge of this type of thinking following the Black Lives Matter protests across the country. The fact that this young man took the time to create such an articulate plea to our School Council, around his concerns, reflects his passion, position on the issue and desire to see communities change. Well done!


Over the next few weeks, the library will be redeveloped to construct additional administration spaces and a more secure space for the servers located in the space. This much needed work will create a more dynamic learning space and space for the students.



Right across the school, we have added new room numbers to the key learning spaces, teaching areas, administration areas and classrooms.


These new numbers will assist us in developing a new set of site maps, support student movement and allow staff to access these spaces more readily. At last count there were 39 identified spaces (that  did not include some shared offices, the main administration area or storage spaces).


New tri-lingual signage will be added to the facility shortly for key spaces across the school. These signs will be in Hebrew, French and English. 


The below opportunity is scheduled for late August but will need to be formally approved by State Government in line with our response to COVID – 19 and details and arrangements are subject to change.



Chris Chant