Some Year 7 English classes have concluded the term by developing their debating skills. Students were divided into teams, where they had to research their topic, assign team roles and prepare their speeches for the debate before delivering them to the class. These debates promote critical and creative thinking, as well as honing persuasive language skills.

We’ve had some lively discussions and passionate defence of opinions, while also some concessions and a general sense of empathy for others’ views.


Nice work, Year 7s.


The English team would like to wish all McKinnon families a happy and safe holiday period. Enjoy the opportunity to relax with a good book. A reminder to senior students that it is an expectation you use the Summer holidays to read your English texts before the 2023 school year commences. We will not be reading all of these in class and it is often difficult to find the time to catch up on this reading once the school year has begun. Students in Years 7-9 may like to take a similar approach with their holiday reading.

Thank you to all students for their work in English this year. We look forward to perusing this year’s edition of the Thistle yearbook for a detailed celebration of the experiences and achievements in the English faculty.


Happy reading.

Sam Florence

English Manager