This year, students undertaking Year 9 History completed their second Depth Study on the First World War. As part of our exploration of the conscription debate in Australia and the reasons for Australia’s involvement in the war, we took an in-depth look at the role of propaganda in shaping the minds of young men and women in early 20th-century Australia. 


As Australia’s enlistment numbers dwindled during the war, propaganda became a powerful tool for encouraging men to go and fight, as well as a medium for both sides of the conscription debate to promote their message.


Effective propaganda targets the emotions and values of its audience: a great deal of WW1 propaganda doubled down on a sense of nationalism and support for the British Empire, while also promoting traditional ideas of masculinity, family, sacrifice and freedom. Many posters also dealt with the fear of the enemy, or more simply, the possibility of adventure and travel for young Australian men. Additionally, propaganda was used to encourage women to go over and help out as nurses, or else to move into more male-dominated industries back home.


With these aims in mind, our Year 9 students created their own propaganda poster with the aim of enlisting men or women to participate in the Great War. It was a fantastic showcase of the students’ learning across the Depth Study and their brilliant creativity and talent.

Mr Nick Gledhill

History Teacher


Medieval Day will be so much fun as we will get to work in our MCK8 Challenge groups. My group has castle building, and we are looking forward to that. Witnessing Medieval traditional clothes will surely be a fun and lively experience and maybe we all can live as a Medieval person for a day. 


We will be doing some awesome medieval activities for two periods and then we might play a few games followed by videos from different classes and from my class. My group's video will also be shown. The videos were made about Medieval history. There would be a prize distribution too. 

Medieval Day 2021
Medieval Day 2021

Overall, it would be a fun-packed day with various activities and costumes. A huge thank you to our lovely teachers who organized the event! 

Shaurya Naik
Shaurya Naik

Shaurya Naik

Year 8 Student