From the Remote  Classroom 

A Week in the Life of Remote Learning at Warrandyte Primary School 


I guess it’s fair to say that were hoping that the days of Home Learning were behind us but here we are back into it once again. What a week it has been for our amazing students at WPS getting straight back into the swing of things learning from home. All the teachers have been impressed by their attitudes and commitment to show up each day and get the job done, we are all so proud!  


Our Junior team and Middle team have been delivering their lessons via Seesaw and have been very impressed with their students’ ability to tackle ICT life. Morning meets have been abuzz with students connecting with their class teacher and taking part in morning catch ups with their friends.  



This week students have been able to connect through live lessons of stories being read by their teacher, taking part in class games and the Middle school students even got their parents involved in a maths building challenging. It was wonderful to see siblings jumping on the meets, the sharing favourite toys and one of the biggest highlights was seeing lots of pets taking over our screens.  


Wednesday was a real treat, as we were able to connect as a whole community and take part in a cooking club. The fruit, chocolate skewers were very tasty, and I think it’s fair to say that lots of chocolate was eaten before we had even started! In fact, we had such a great time that we going to host another club next week, so stay tuned!  



We also, want to thank all the parents who have taken the time to send an email of support it has meant so much to us that we have such a wonderful community who band together during these challenging times!  


From here we know the drill, we have another week of Home Learning, but WPS we’ve got this! If you need any support over the next week don’t hesitate to get in touch with your child’s teacher. We can’t wait to see what’s instore next week!