Environment Group


MCA E Waste Drive

On Friday 13 November, the Environment Group will be holding an E-waste drive for the College community as part of National Recycling Week. Globally we generate about 40 million tons of electronic waste every year; that’s like throwing out 800 laptops per second.  Only a small proportion of e-waste is currently recycled but we aim to change that. 

Got any old cables that have no use anymore? What about that keyboard that hasn’t worked for years? Then bring it along before school on Friday and help us reuse and recycle as much of the materials in your old electrics.

What we would encourage you to bring:

  • TV remotes
  • Laptops, iPads or similar tablets
  • Speakers, headphones
  • Electrical cables and IT accessories
  • Keyboards, computer mice, joysticks
  • Printers, scanners or web cameras

What not to bring:

  • Large items such as TV’s, computer monitors, etc (These can be recycled but we won’t have space this time round)
  • Mobile phones (these are recycled in a different process)
  • DVD players
  • Gaming consoles 
  • Radios/stereos
  • Power tools

If you are unsure of what to bring, email the Environment Group via environmentgroup@marash.qld.edu.au.