Stationery Aid

STATIONERY AID – Supporting Struggling Families with School Supplies 2021


Parents of boys at the College run a solidarity collection for struggling families in the community. Stationery Aid, it aims to collect from schools left-over, new and used stationery to recycle and provide to families for whom the purchase of such items is prohibitive.


Stationery Aid advises the following: We currently have 215 disadvantaged families, many with multiple children across 13 schools in Brisbane North and Moreton Bay that have asked for assistance, and need essentials such as food, clothing and school stationery booklist packs for 2021.    We also have a school in North Queensland which will receive a number of our donated stationery packs per grade for those students that commence school without their school stationery packs.


Our target this year is to provide a minimum of 100 school stationery booklist packs, primarily composed of the used and excess stationery we collect this year.  This is ambitious however we believe it can be achieved if we all work together.


There are many disadvantaged families that need our support this year and we kindly encourage you to promote the collection of used and excess stationery amongst your school community, take the bull by the horns and ride this initiative to the best of our ability for the benefit of our local disadvantaged students and families.


OUR REQUEST: Can new and used/usable stationery items be left at the College Reception, clearly marked so these can be recycled for use by families for the start of the school year 2021, please.


Thanks very much for your support of this initiative.


Luke McMahon

Head of Mission