College Notices

Uniform Shop - Alinta Apparel

As you would already be aware, the commencement of Term 3 has coincided with the opening of our new uniform shop with Alinta Apparel.


If you are still planning on making a uniform purchase please be advised that due to privacy laws, Alinta have not retained credit card details or parent accounts which were held by Vicki and the team at Ellingsen’s uniforms. This means that your sons will not be able to purchase items from the shop and add it to your account. For now, you may purchase in store with a credit card or cash or online at Online orders can be collected the next school day from the uniform shop, during the school term.


Parents and students may visit in-store during the following hours:


Trading Hours During School Term
Monday and Tuesday: 7:30am – 10:00am
Wednesday: 2:00pm – 4:30pm
Thursday and Friday: 7:30am – 10:00am
First Saturday of each term: 8:00am – 10:00am


If you have any questions or queries about uniforms please call the shop on 0478 769 628 or email This information is also in the College App under the Contacts tile.

Have Your Family Circumstances Changed?

To ensure we are able to contact parents and guardians quickly and easily in an emergency, please keep your contact details up to date via Parent Lounge.  Ensure you have an Alternate Emergency Contact listed for your family.  Your Alternate Emergency Contact will be contacted if you are unavailable in the case of an emergency.


Where there has been a family separation and parents now reside at different addresses, please be aware we can effectively manage separate contact details on our system without compromising communication regarding your son. In the case of separated families, it would be ideal to have an Emergency Contact listed for each parent. If there is a new family court order in place and you require conditional communication or separate billing, please let us know.


Our intention is to provide the best possible communication between College staff and parents or caregivers. If you have any feedback on College communication, we would welcome your comments to

Supervision of Students Before School

Parents, please be aware that the College’s formal yard supervision of students commences at 8:15am every school day.


Those boys who are attending sports training or other planned activities will always be supervised by the adult(s) in charge and, from 7:30am,  boys are welcome to go to either of the libraries or to the Centre for Learning Enrichment for tutoring and other assistance. While there are always adults close by around the school from 7:00am these people are not actively supervising any early arrivals. Parents should take this into consideration. As there is no formal supervision prior to 8:15am, students who are at school prior to that time are required to sit quietly in the yard if not otherwise engaged as listed above.

Absences and/or Early Departures

Year 5 - 6: If a student needs to leave the school during the day, they must sign out at the Primary School Reception - a parent/guardian is required to accompany.


Year 7 - 12: If a student needs to leave the school during the day, he must have a note in his diary from a parent/guardian requesting permission to leave at a certain time. This note is to be signed by their Head of House before school or during morning administration and presented to Student Administration before signing out to leave the College grounds.


Day students are not permitted to go home for lunch.

Please Notify the College of Absences 

Email Student Administration: OR ring the College Absentee Line: 07 3858 4697


An SMS alert will be sent to parents/guardians of students recorded as an unexplained absence.

Students Arriving Late

Students must sign in at the Student Administration Offices (Primary Reception: Years 5 to 6 with parent/guardian and Student Administration: Years 7 to 12 with a note in their diary advising of their late arrival) BEFORE going to their scheduled classroom. 


A text message will be sent throughout the day to parents/guardians advising of their sons late arrival to school.

Students Leaving Before the End of the School Day

Year 5 to 6 students must report to the Primary School office when they want to leave.

Year 7 to 12 students must also present a Head of House signature when signing out at Student Administration before they leave.


If you have a sibling to enrol at the College, please register your son/s at


If you wish to withdraw your son from the College, a term’s notice is required as per the Enrolment Agreement. Please contact your son’s Head of House and and advise your son’s departure date.

College Main Administration

A reminder to all parents, that the hours for the College Main Administration are 8:00am to 4:00pm during term time. The College Main Administration is closed during the holidays.

A Message to Parents About Child Protection

The College has a Child Protection policy which can be accessed through the Parent Portal. The College takes its child protection responsibilities seriously. Please contact the College’s Student Protection Officers if you are concerned about the behaviour of anyone, which is causing you or your son concern.


Our Student Protection Officers are Mr Bruce McPhee (Deputy Headmaster), Mr Peter Serone (Head of Students), Mrs Angela Simpson (Head of Teaching and Learning) and Mr James Couper (Head of Boarding). Contacts are below.  It is their responsibility to receive reports from students, parents and/or staff of any child protection matters. This includes reports of abuse, or likely abuse, harm or likely harm.

External Tutoring on College Grounds

If you are interested in arranging for an External Private Tutor (eg an Old Boy) to tutor your son on College Grounds, such as in the Library or within Boarding, you will need to seek permission from the Headmaster Mr Peter McLoughlin by emailing him the details to Please include the name of your son, his homeroom and the name/contact details of the Tutor you are enlisting to tutor your son.


As you may appreciate, we require all persons engaging in private tutoring on campus to hold a Blue Card, as well as to abide by the College’s Private Tutoring Guidelines. You will then be emailed a form that needs to be signed and returned and the HR department will make contact with the Tutor regarding their Blue Card.


Please note that until the Tutor provides proof of their blue card to the College, and is linked to the College, they are unable to tutor on the College grounds.

Drop-off and Pick-up

Please remember when dropping off or picking up students that road rules exist for the protection of everyone including your boys. Police and other authorities will be enforcing traffic regulations.


Please remind boys that if for any reason, they are not picked up after school, they should go to the Health Centre and wait for a parent to arrive. The staff there are able to look after the boys and make every effort to contact parents.

Lost Student ID Card Protocol

If your son loses his ID Card we recommend taking the following actions;

  1. Place a block on the card immediately (the block will only last 24 hours)
  2. If not found within 24 hours transfer all funds into the parent account
  3. Ask your son to report the lost card to Student Administration
  4. Order a new ID Card via the Monitor online purchases shop
  5. Once the new card has been ordered it can be collected from the IT department