Students of the Week 

November 9th, 2020

Ranveer K  Prep          For how enthusiastic he is about learning! Ranveer often asks

                                         questions or adds comments with a smile. Well done!


Billy J  Year  1               For his wonderful start at Carnegie Primary School. We love how

                                        much of a maths whiz you are!


Chenyu Y   Year 2       For his extremely excellent detailed explanation text on how wool

                                         is made.


Oscar B Year 3            For his tremendous start to his explanation piece. It's great to see

                                        you showcasing your writer's voice, Oscar!


Linda W Year 4           For her excellent settling back into school routine, gaining 

                                       confidence in talking to her peers and producing an impressive

                                       writing piece this week!


Madeline T  Year 5     For her growth mindset in all of her learning.


Rose M Year 6             For your incredible homeless writing. Your choice of vocabulary was 

                                         so powerful. What an amazing writer you are!