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News from the learning areas

Prep Learning Area

The Prep team have been so excited to welcome everyone back to on-site learning for Term 4! We have planned lots of different learning activities to help the Preps settle back into school, connect with their teachers and friends and have fun. 


Here are a few things we have been doing so far and what will be coming up:



The Preps have been exploring fairy tales in Reading. We have talked about the special characteristics of these types of stories and practiced describing main characters according to how they look, act, sound and feel. The students have also written a letter to a main character and are developing their editing skills by re-reading their writing to check for ways to improve it. 


Our phonics focus has been the H Brothers. So far, the Preps have learnt about the ‘wh’ and ‘th’ sound. 


Coming up, we will be continuing to learn about other sounds like ‘sh’, ‘ch’ and ‘ph’. 



In Maths, the Preps have been revising and consolidating their understanding of addition. They have played a variety of different hands on games, including whole class challenges and activities involving partnership work to also support their social development. We have also focussed on using concrete materials to support the Prep’s ability to explain their mathematical thinking. 


Another exciting part of Maths has been Money Play! The Preps have had so much fun learning about money through play based activities such as creating their own shops and items to sell. 


Integrated Curriculum

This term, our Integrated Curriculum topic is, ‘Looking after ourselves and our environment’. Throughout the term, the Preps we will be learning about strategies for looking after themselves and working well with others. They will also be developing an understanding of how their actions have an impact on the environment and ways to do this in a positive way. So far, we have talked about recognising and naming our emotions by reading a fantastic story called ‘The Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas. The Preps created their own colour monster by associating different colours with different emotions they may feel. 


Hats & water bottles

Please remember to make sure your child has a school hat to wear when playing outside and a water bottle every day. 


Thank you!

The Prep team


Japanese Visual Arts



1/2 Learning Area

More and more of inspired writers in the 1 & 2 area


The students in grade 1/2 have  enjoyed being creative with different writing styles.


They have  learnt about the features of different types of poetry  and then had the opportunity to create their own.

 We hope you enjoy our Acrostic and Cinquain poems as well as our alliterations too. 

The students have also  shared with you some of their holiday news from our return to school recounts.


Enjoy our writing

Never stop reading

Just be patient

Over and over trying

You will be very glad



3/4 Learning Area

The year 3/4s have been studying advertising as part of their persuasive unit. They investigated the meaning of colours used by advertisers and used their learning to create a flag to represent themselves. 



Sustainability Team


Sustainability team here,

Welcome back to school everybody! Hope you are settling in well and glad to see all your friends. 

We have two new things for you this week. First of all there is a new page on our site (which you should check out if you already haven’t) that talks about climate change and action. So if you are interested in that we suggest that you go check that page out. 

The second thing is that National Bird Week is next week along with Book Week. If this sounds like something that you would like to do then check out our MPS bird watchers page on our website. Stay tuned for more info from us…

From the Sustainability team




5/6 Learning Area

Hello everyone and welcome back to school.

This week in the 5/6 area we have been focusing on some ‘cool stuff’!

In reading we have been learning about ‘Utopias’ and debating the meaning of  ‘perfect’ and ‘chaos’  during our lessons.

We have also started our grammar lessons and the teachers have tried to make them as interesting as possible by writing funny stories about the punctuation marks themselves having conversations:). And last but not least, in maths, we have been learning about cartesian planes and angles.


This week during our specialists classes, the 5/6s have been doing lots of fun activities!

In art we had a go at painting our own ‘birds eye view’ paintings using lots of colour which made them even better. In Japanese Science we had a fun revision competition, I wonder who will win? Finally in P.E, the 5/6s have been participating in an athletics competition. Although we can’t compete against other schools we can still have fun together. 

What a great week back we have all had!


By Uma and Astrid 


   - Allegra 






- Fox FO







 - Madi   








- Harvey M







When asked what was the best bit about actually being back at school some students from the 5/ 6 learning area suggested it to be :


Not Being at home! - Elliott

Seeing friends - Kemda

Seeing friends at recess - Sim

Being outside- Thalia

Learning things - Owen

Getting out of the house more and being active- Joe