On Tuesday 17 September, our Year 8 SEAL class travelled down to Mount Erin College for the annual SEAL HUB Day. This day provides students with an opportunity to interact and get to know SEAL students from other schools. On the day, students were able to put in preferences about the different workshops they would like to attend. 

A big thank you to Ms Lowe for running the Maths workshop and Ms Rhodes for running the Global Politics session.


Alice Leppin

SEAL Coordinator


Please see some student highlights from the day below.


Maths workshop


'I did the mathematics workshop. We completed many different activities such as decrypting andcompleting a quiz. I achieved my best result by working with a partner so we could complete our activities more efficiently. I gained lots of new knowledge including learning what the golden ratio is and how to measure it, or learning how to decrypt codes. Overall, I had a fun time and it was a great experience.'


'Today we completed a number of mathematical tasks. I enjoyed the golden ratio task the most. I learnt about the mathematical relationships found within nature. The hands on tasks we engaged in led me to a further understanding of ratios in nature. I enjoyed this very much!'


STEM Workshop


'Today at Mount Erin College I did the STEM Program. We watched videos describing how we use wind power. It is 10,000 times more effective than solar power. Then we made wind turbines with a CD. The more wind it picked up, the more power it got. The day was fun and I found it interesting.'


Global Politics


'I did the Global Politics workshop where we learnt about the Syrian conflict. We were assigned to be UN representatives for different countries. As a group, we researched our role in the conflict and then participated in a UN summit discussion. I had fun learning about something I had no prior knowledge of. I enjoyed pretending to have a say in global politics.'



Year 8 SEAL Sovereign Hill Excursion 2019


Recently, the Year 8 SEAL students had the opportunity to venture to Sovereign Hill to see all things Industrial Revolution in action. Students participated in a range of learning activities across the day, including:


Gold pouring demonstration

Rush Around the Hill - Scavenger Hunt

Underground mine tour

Gold panning

Exploring Sovereign Hill (and eating lots of lollies from the lolly shop)

Watching the brand new ‘Aura’ sound and light show


A big thank you to Mr. Haber for driving the minibus to and from Sovereign Hill. Also, a big thank you to Miss Rhodes, Miss Leppin and Mr. Haber for donating their personal time to make this incredible 14 hour excursion possible.


Student snapshots from the day


“I enjoyed the whole day, everything was absolutely amazing! However, the thing I enjoyed the most was the sound and light show at night time. Thank you for this learning opportunity, I learned a lot.”

 Lana Selthofer


“I really liked how we were able to experience the lives of people during the Industrial Revolution. It was a  great way to learn about different experiences and perspectives during this period in history.” 

Anna Kuppe


“I enjoyed Sovereign Hill thoroughly. It was a great learning opportunity that was fun. I would recommend this excursion as it aided my knowledge of the Industrial Revolution.”

Reema Ababneh