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Scholastic Book Club is back !


Welcome back to a very different Term 2 and I hope that you are enjoying Learning and reading remotely.

Book Club is still running however there are going to be some changes to how we run it.

  1. All orders must be placed through loop, available by clicking the link below. No cash will be taken at this time.
  2. Brochure will not be sent home this is a virtual brochure click the link below for Issue 3 .

  1. Once the orders arrive we will be in touch on how they can be contact free collected from the school.
  2. Orders can be delivered to your door direct from Scholastic.  Unfortunately this will incur a $5.99 fee
  3. Close dates for all orders 8th May 2020 Edit Style

For any student that still has not collected book Club from last term.  Please email the school and I will be in touch with how to collect this item.

If you have any inquiries please email


Thank you for your time and Happy Remote Learning and reading at home.