Student News 

Top Acts Concert

Mortlake College was in the spotlight at the weekend with our School Captain

Taine De Manser performing in the Top Acts Concert at the Melbourne Recital Centre as one of the premier VCE performers of 2020.



Congratulations to Taine and to the teachers, students and school community members who helped and supported his success.



House athletics Carnival 2021

Age group champions. 

JUNIOR GIRLS   (13-14)       


1st Holly Jones & Isabella Pickford                                           50 points 

2nd Olivia Schuuring                                                                    39 points

3rd Rose Hayden                                                                          28 points


JUNIOR BOYS   (13-14)


1st   Josh Slater                                                                              59 points

2nd Jack Richie                                                                             38 points

3rd Kane Killen                                                                              36 points





1st Mia Richie                                                                                36 points

2nd Holly Fowler                                                                           27.5 points        3rd Lily Schuuring                                                                         22 points





1st Mitchell Hughes                                                                      37 points

2nd Josh Mahncke                                                                         33 points

3rd Damien Goddard                                                                    28 points


SENIOR GIRLS   (17-20)       



1st Tasha Killen                                                                               34 points

2nd Sophie Lehmann                                                                     27.6 points

3rd Zoee Boyden                                                                            23.6 points


SENIOR BOYS (17-20)         



1st Liam Schuuring, Taine DeManser & Archie Bag- Ao         37 points 

2nd Todd Macdonald                                                                         22 points 

3rd Arjay Bag- Ao                                                                              19 points 




13yr boys High Jump               Josh Slater 1.52m                                        (A. Wilson 1.51 1993)

13yr boys Long Jump               Josh Slater   4.18m                             (P. Mcloughlan 4.17  1987)


Overall results: 

1st Endeavour       625.7

2nd Inspire             497.3

3rd Succeed           375.2



Congratulations to our senior athletic champions who were presented with their medallions last week at assembly.  




College Cafe 

College Cafe will be running at Recess time on a Friday 7th May.  If you would like for your child to purchase something from the Cafe, could you please return this form by Friday morning to the office with the correct money.  One child per form,Thank-you. 


Name ____________________        Class________


                               Quantity             Total


$1.00                    _______            _______

Muffin Pizza 

(½ and english breakfast muffin 

With toppings)   

Hawiian                        _______            _______


Supreme                           _______            _______


BBQ Chicken                  _______            _______


Total         $ ___________



Performing Arts

We have a limited number of spare Performance t-shirts available as listed below:




4x Mediums (Kids 18)

4x Small (kids 16)

3x Kids 14

3x Kids 12


There will be no more printed until 2022





Divisional Athletics primary program


Mid West Complex Secondary Athletics program

Students who are competing can come to school in their PE Uniform. Strictly No Jumpers/Jackets/Beanies/Hats to be worn that are not a part of the school uniform.