MITS Pathways




The Darwin Hub for Alumni has been running for 4 weeks now, and we are so proud of how hard all the students are working! They have been attending Zoom classes with their Melbourne Schools, and their technology skills are fantastic - managing emails and many different work tasks on their Ipads or laptops. We feel very validated by our move to Darwin, with the students reengaging so strongly with their learning, supported by the Pathways team. 


Some of the alumni students are living at the Michael Long Learning and Leadership Centre (MLLLC), and the others are living with family members in Darwin, being collected by the MITS bus every day. 


Like everyone else the Dreamtime Match between Richmond and Essendon was a big highlight for everyone.  There were lots of family members joining us in the crowd, and we couldn't quite believe our luck that the game "followed us" up here to Darwin. 


To break up the week, we’ve also had basketball with the Year 7’s on Friday afternoons, and this week a special Art activity – a program run by Fly Me Up To Where You Are. This group have been in Darwin as part of the Darwin Festival, and they are working on a project that encourages students to create their own Dream flag (based on their Hopes and Dreams) and this will become a part of next year’s Darwin Festival. The girls absolutely loved this activity.


Cecil and Calvin were interviewed about the temporary MITS move to Darwin, and their photos and quotes were in the NT News!  We have been so warmly received up here in Darwin, with both parents and local schools telling us they admire our capacity to adapt and commitment to our students and alumni. 


There are 3 weeks left of term for most Year 8, 9 and 10 students. We don’t know what Term 4 will be like yet, but many of the students are keen to return to Melbourne, and the Education Department in Victoria hopes that schools will re-open at some point during Term 4.  We will be talking with families and students towards the end of term, once we know more details. One thing is for certain - whatever happens, MITS will be here to do whatever it takes to support our students! 

Annie Carruthers