Koonung Day

Koonung Day - Friday 13th September

Koonung Day 2019 is fast approaching and this year's event promises to be an exciting celebration of all things Koonung. The whole day will be dedicated to appreciating our community and school, boasting a large selection of stalls, events and performances from students and staff. 


Business Management Market Day will be held on Koonung Day this year and should be bigger than ever. The student leadership team, SRC and many of our clubs are holding competitions and events too. A map and event rundown will be released in week 8 of Term 3 allowing students to plan their day and to attend the events that most interest them. From eSports finals, cooking and sports to music, art and trivia - KD 2019 will have it all. Homebase will be the oval and students are encouraged to bring picnic blankets to set up a comfy spot in front of the main stage. From here they can grab food, join in events, or spend some time listening and watching the talented performing artists of Koonung. 


I'd also like to put the call out to any families who might offer some support to the day.  For instance, I'd love to have a coffee van on site or some fabulous, speciality events. If you have an idea or could offer something please contact me at phodkinson@koonung.vic.edu.au


Put the Friday 13 September in your diary and prepare for an amazing Koonung Day in 2019. 


Peter Hodkinson

Director of Learning - Engagement and Leadership